Phillip Morris Acca Dacca Exhibit

we luv acdc

Phillip Morris, legendary Aussie photographer who tracked AC/DC’s career from the very beginning, is hosting an exhibition of his best acca dacca shots in Sydney! The show is called AC/DC Exposed!

There’s an article about the show in the Sydney Morning Herald.

The photo above is one of Phillips great shots, and is featured on the exhibition’s facebook page

Oh, I should add, Phillip first popped up in this blog when I visited artist Eli Smith, who did a Bon Scott painting based on some of Phillip’s photos.

AND! If I’m not mistaken, check out Bon’s very prominent package in the above photo. That, my friends, looks like the source photo for Scott Redford’s Bon Scott Crotch Wallpaper which adorns the walls of the Fremantle Exhibition…

Here Come the Artists! (Part 2)

stuart bailey
[Stuart Bailey with his custom silk-screened Bon Scott Posters…]

Before I left Sydney, I got to hang out with Stuart Bailey, one of the artists whose work will be featured in the upcoming Bon Scott Project exhibition. His studio is a kooky set of fibro rooms above a defunct shop on Parramatta Road. I went along with Jennifer, a photographer who was planning to taking some shots of Stuart.

As an artist, Stuart has long been interested in the subcultures of rock and punk. In a recent performance, he and some friends did a version of Straight Edge by Seminal New York hardcore band Minor Threat. With Lagerphones. (If you don’t know what a lagerphone is, you’re probably not an Aussie reader. Never mind. You can catch up here.)
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The Mighty Blues

tice and evans at the sando
[Dave Tice with the funny-lookin’ red guitar, and Mark Evans on the right…]

Fans all over the world salivate over the tiniest scraps of information which occasionally filter through from AC/DC’s management. But the current band members live extremely private lives, subject to speculation of all sorts (will they ever complete a new album? will they ever tour again? do they ever rehearse together these days?).

But how many people are aware of this fact: Mark Evans, former AC/DC bass player, not only performs in an intimate setting every single Saturday afternoon, but if you’re lucky, you might even get to share a beer with him?

Last week, after hitting the second hand record stalls at the flea market, I went down to the Sandringham Hotel in Newtown to see him in action.
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