NB: The Bon or Bust! campaign, unfortunately, ended in BUST! Read more here, here, here and here.
So the following is just for your amusement. Although, if any Acca Dacca fans out there are up for a trip across the nullabor (in either direction!), during the next couple of months, get in touch! I’d still be up for it!

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bon or bust drum media ad
[the above ad was in the Drum Media street paper in Feb 2008]

Sydney artist and Bon Scott Blogger Lucas Ihlein is hell-bent on reaching Fremantle by Feb 24 for the Bon Scott memorial concert and bronze statue unveiling. The catch is, he wants to DRIVE, not fly: across the nullabor with an AC/DC fan, listening to rock n roll all the way.

Many candidates have fallen by the wayside, this is your last chance to sign up for this historic voyage!

Contact Lucas TODAY on 0423745736 or to reserve your place riding shotgun and twiddling the knobs on the stereo.

It would help if you have a car, but if not, get in touch anyway and we might be able to work something out…

We would need to leave on the 18th of Feb to arrive by the 24th.

Lucas will pay all on-road costs and petrol, and throw in a ticket to the big concert. And you will be immortalised at

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