Bon Scott Photographic Project

Bec photographing the Scarborough Crew
[Bec photographs a group of fans in Scarborough…]

Fremantle artist Rebecca Dagnall is calling for Bon Scott fans to come forward and present themselves to be photographed. Here’s the deal:

Bec is interested not just in you, but in your special place. The place where you’ve set up a shrine to Bon in your own home, your den, your office, your garage, the local pool hall… Wherever it is that you have set aside a little bit of your space for Bon and the boys.

Until May, Bec will be visiting fans like you and taking high quality photographic portraits of you and your stuff. It’s totally free, and she’ll give you a CD with the photos after the shoot. If you’re really lucky, your photo might make it into the Bon Scott Project exhibition at the Fremantle Art Centre. The exhibition opens on 16 May, 2008.

Even if you don’t make the cut, Bec and I will be throwing a party to thank all you great fans, sometime in early May, where you’ll get to see all the photos projected on the big screen and have a drink and listen to some tunes by you-know-who. Stay tuned for further details about that event!

To get have your photo taken by Bec, give her a call ASAP on 0404 97 3126.

If you’ve already got your own amazing photos you want to share with the world, then get in touch with me! Just email lucas[at]

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