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If you’ve only just tuned in, the Bon Scott Blog might seem a bit overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you find what you’re looking for??

So I’ve created this here highlights page to help you navigate your way through the project with ease! A Readers’ Digest version, if you will…

So… if you’ve only got time to read fifteen blog posts, read these below (or perhaps perchance you want THE FULL CONTENTS LIST?)


bon and meBon and Me:
in which my friends make fun of me because I don’t seem like “the kind of guy who would be into AC/DC”…
Being a “Fan”:
how do you become a fan of something??
clinton walkerMeeting Clinton Walker:
just ten minutes walk from my house lives Clinton Walker, author of definitive Bon Scott biography. I go to meet him…
demolition damoDemolition Damo:
I meet Damo, my first real big-time fan! We go for a drive and he plays the Powerage Album for me…
at the cemeteryA vigil at Bon’s Grave:
Hot off the plane from Sydney, I rush to Fremantle Cemetery. It’s the anniversary of Bon’s death, and I camp out to see who will come along…
bon scott statueWorld Exclusive! The Bon Scott Statue in Progress!:
Jasmin and I sneak over to Greg James’ studio in Fremantle to check out the Bronze Statue of Bon Scott he’s been making. There are only a few days left til it gets unveiled at the tribute concert, but the statue is still in pieces…
hamilton hill clanThe Hamilton Hill Clan: It’s the day of the big tribute concert. I accompany photographer Bec Dagnell into the suburbs to meet a three-generation clan of AC/DC fans. Afterwards, we all catch the bus together to the stadium…
fife tattooThree Boys Fae Fife:
At the Big Concert, we meet Andy, Kev and Ian from Scotland. Not only have they come all the way to WA to see the bronze statue being unveiled, but they’ve had their wrists tattooed especially, with today’s date!
The concert approaches its climax. Swept up in the atmosphere, I realise my transformation has begun. I am a fan!
statue at lastThe Statue at Last:
A lone piper strikes up, and finally the bronze statue is revealed in all its glory…
fine detailsThe Fine Details:
after a few days in bed, Simmo takes me down to Greg’s studio to see the statue again. We ponder where the bronze Bon will end up…
authentic stevoAuthentic Value:
I visit Stevo, a fanatical collector of all things Bon Scott, deep in the suburbs of Perth. What makes a collector tick?
cherry rockLet There Be Cherry Rock:
In Melbourne, Katie and I visit James Young, branding guru, and rock band manager, who bought a bunch of Bon Scott’s letters at auction a few years back…
mary renshawDoodles on Envelopes:
Katie and I meet Mary Renshaw, who shows us some amazing letters Bon sent to her in the 1970s.
darcy mugBest Roadie Ever:
Katie and I drive out to the Yarra Valley to meet Gabby and Darcy, some of Bon’s oldest friends. We have lunch together and they show us some of Bon’s photos and letters…
lightning rodThe Lightning Rod Strikes Northbridge:
My report on The WA Air Guitar Championships. All the glamour, all the drama, all the tantrums!

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