AC/DC Aussie Tour Dates Finally Announced: Feb/March 2010

News just in from Doug at the WA Bon Scott Fanclub: AC/DC have finally announced their Aussie Tour Dates.

Thu 11 February – Melbourne – Etihad Stadium (formerly Telstra Dome)
Thursday 18 February – ANZ Stadium, Sydney
Thursday 25 February – QSAC, Brisbane
Tuesday 2 March – Adelaide Oval
Sat 6 March – Perth – Subicao Oval

Tickets can be obtained from

(depending on which gig you want to go to, you have to get your ticket from one or the other of the above links)

Monday 25 May is the day they go on sale. Yikes.

When Bon Scott First Met AC/DC

vince lovegrove on stage
[Vince Lovegrove on stage]

The following story, lovingly told, is, according to its author, Vince Lovegrove, “the truth, the real story of how Bon Scott met AC/DC for the first time.” Indeed, it seems to move carefully and systematically through the significant moments of Bon’s life. Vince, who first played together with Bon in the 1960s in Perth, in a band called The Valentines, was never far away from the major events in Bon’s career. So it makes sense to get the story from the horse’s mouth.

Vince first posted this story to the myspace page of his current band, the Mongrels of Passion. I emailed him to ask if I could reprint the story here. Continue reading “When Bon Scott First Met AC/DC”

Bon’s Death Certificate?

bons death cert

AccaDacca fan Andrew emailed to alert me that Bon’s death certificate is going on sale. The e-bay ad says:

CERTIFIED to be a true copy of an entry in the certified copy of register of Births,Still-births or Deaths in the District above
mentioned. Given at the GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE, under the Seal of the said Office.
Please note there are offences relating to falsifying or altering a certificate and using or possessing a false certificate.
Kindly note that this is NOT A FALSE CERTIFICATE.
I have had several offers already on this item through e-mails, i will only sell this item via the auction, thanks.
All e-mails will be answered.

All the details, as far as I can tell, seem right. But is it REALLY real? (And what is a “genuine copy” when it is also described as an “original”?)

I’d be curious to know how this precious item came to be on the open market. Who would have had it before? Who would want to get rid of it? Shouldn’t a certificate like this be in the possession of Bon’s family? Any ideas?

Latest Gossip…

Paul with Bon

Thanks to Cate from Warwick in Queensland, who sent this email a few days back, giving a glimmer of hope to fans who were worried that Bon’s bronze statue would end up gathering a layer of chip-fat and dust in the corner of the fish and chip shop:

Hi Lucas – I thought you might like to see our photos “In search of Bon Scott” taken last week in Fremantle. My husband Paul is a HUGE fan of AC/DC so we spend quite a while in search if Bon’s grave and Statue. Enjoy! Cate

Continue reading “Latest Gossip…”

Hamilton Hill Clan Collects Banner

hamilton hill clan with banner

Representatives of the Hamilton Hill Clan collect the last Bon Scott Project Vinyl Banner from the Fremantle Arts Centre this week!

One of the excellent things about this project has been the greatly expanded range of folks who have become familiar with the Arts Centre through Bon. The Hamilton Hill Clan have been great supporters of the Bon Scott Project. I look forward seeing pictures of their pilgrimage, en masse, to see AC/DC perform in concert early next year – if the rumoured tour goes ahead…


simmo with banner

Simmo, Fremantle-mega-fan, seen here collecting his Bon Scott Project Vinyl Banner. Simmo was the first to line up for the banner after the exhibition closed last weekend.

Robyn, marketing guru from the Fremantle Arts Centre, said she was surprised that the banner lasted until the end of the show. Some similar banners had been pinched in the dead of night by enthusiastic fans eager for the ultimate souvenir…

Robyn said:

Simmo was chuffed and even donated $10 to the Arts Centre. He assured me he hadn’t taken any of the other banners but did admit he’d thought about it. He’s got big plans for that banner, and I think it includes a pilgrimage to many Bon Scott sites around Freo.

Onya, Simmo!

Greasy Bon

bon in cicerello's

Hi Lucas,
Here’s one for the blog….. This beautiful sculpture of a beautiful man……. in a fish and chip shop!!!!! I urge all Bon Scott fans to protest or go and carry him out of there on their backs.
Yes we are pretty sad!
Cheers Gabx

So Bon’s Bronze Statue, after all the hoo-har about his final resting place, has actually wound up INSIDE the Cicerello’s fish and chip shop!!?? Wow, that’s news to me.

Originally, the idea was to have the bronzy Bon in pride of place in Fremantle town centre, near all the bronze prime ministers and important men. But that was poo-pooed by the local heritage lobby (or so the tale goes). Bon was an inappropriate figure to have in such a location (and besides, who knows what kind of undesirables he would attract to the streets…)

Then the state minister and acca dacca fan, Alanah McTiernan, stepped in, and offered the sliver of land on the water side of the railway tracks as a site for our little metal man. Because the state government controls this land, this solution would sidestep the machinations of the troublesome naysayers in local council.

If you want to read more about this history of Bon Scott ping pong, have a look at a few posts I wrote when I was in Western Australia. Here they are:
The Fine Details
21 Characters, 4 Lines

That was the last I had heard of the matter, until the email above came through from one of Bon’s oldest friends Gaby. I think Gaby must have found out through Crabsody in Blue (the mega Bon Scott tribute site), who, in turn, must have located the news on the website for Cicerellos (the fish and chip shop).

Admittedly, it’s a huge win for Cicerellos. Bon will really buffer their current “curiosity shoppe” which consists of a big canoe that was bitten in half by a shark, and a fishtank full of lobsters. Definitely giving them the edge over their chippy competitors.

But it’s a sad fall from grace, considering the two huge Bon Scott Celebration concerts that raised all the money for the statue to be built.

So what gives, Freo??

Phillip Morris Acca Dacca Exhibit

we luv acdc

Phillip Morris, legendary Aussie photographer who tracked AC/DC’s career from the very beginning, is hosting an exhibition of his best acca dacca shots in Sydney! The show is called AC/DC Exposed!

There’s an article about the show in the Sydney Morning Herald.

The photo above is one of Phillips great shots, and is featured on the exhibition’s facebook page

Oh, I should add, Phillip first popped up in this blog when I visited artist Eli Smith, who did a Bon Scott painting based on some of Phillip’s photos.

AND! If I’m not mistaken, check out Bon’s very prominent package in the above photo. That, my friends, looks like the source photo for Scott Redford’s Bon Scott Crotch Wallpaper which adorns the walls of the Fremantle Exhibition…

A teaser, if you will…

ben scotts undies

While we’re all waiting, with bated breath, for Queen Bee‘s report from the Ugly/Sexy night last week, this mysterious teaser came through.

It is Ben Scott (the lovechild)’s crotch shot.

Ai caramba!

Just what went on at Ugly/Sexy?

Was the allure of the Scott DNA, combined with Reg Grundies by Armani, just too powerful for the sexy Queen Bee to resist?

Shh… Bon’s in the Library…

fremantle library bon scott display
[Click on the photo to see it bigger…]

Last week I received an anonymous tip-off that the Fremantle Public Library was putting together their own little display of Bon Scott stuff. Apparently this is something they do, when there is a topical local issue in the air.

So I hoofed it down to the library. I was curious to find out what sort of display librarians would put together. You know, loud subject in quiet place and all that…

When I got there, I couldn’t see anything acca dacca, so I asked the nice lady at the desk. She said she knew nothing about it, “I’m sure if it was happening it would have been discussed in the meeting we had today,” and so I slouched away disappointed.

But now good news! Rachel from the Library has come through with the goods. Behold, the photo above, and Rachel’s email message, brief but to the point:

“Attached is the picture of our little display, though it is quite small. Hope you had a good time over West!”

The photo is tantalisingly blurry – I can make out VHS copies of Let There Be Rock and Fly on the Wall, but what are the other titles?