TV spot on Phillip Morris photo show

The video above appeared in my letter box last week! It’s a short TV feature on Phillip Morris, the photographer who was lucky enough to hang out with AC/DC in the 1970s, and who had an amazing exhibition in Sydney recently.

More info about the exhibition here, which was held at the Blender Gallery.

Enjoy! (the volume seems a little low on my system – it’s not a fault, just how the video came to me! I’ve also posted it on youtube here…)

(Thanks to Jon from AC/DC news for reminding me to link to Phillip Morris’ own website!)

Phillip Morris Acca Dacca Exhibit

we luv acdc

Phillip Morris, legendary Aussie photographer who tracked AC/DC’s career from the very beginning, is hosting an exhibition of his best acca dacca shots in Sydney! The show is called AC/DC Exposed!

There’s an article about the show in the Sydney Morning Herald.

The photo above is one of Phillips great shots, and is featured on the exhibition’s facebook page

Oh, I should add, Phillip first popped up in this blog when I visited artist Eli Smith, who did a Bon Scott painting based on some of Phillip’s photos.

AND! If I’m not mistaken, check out Bon’s very prominent package in the above photo. That, my friends, looks like the source photo for Scott Redford’s Bon Scott Crotch Wallpaper which adorns the walls of the Fremantle Exhibition…


[fans pose for Bec at the Billy Weston Pool Hall. Click on the image to see a bigger size…]

To say a big THANKS to all the fans we have met, photographed, or written about, photographer Bec Dagnall and I are putting on a slideshow night at the Billy Weston Pool Hall in Scarborough.

Bec and I have taken hundreds of shots during our time working on the Bon Scott Project. Only a small amount of them can be featured in the exhibition at the Fremantle Arts Centre, so we decided to bung ’em all on a DVD and beam them up on the big screen!


It’ll be a meeting of the tribes…

The details:

The Slides: running from 8pm onwards (but you can show up earlier to have drinks, the pool hall is open all day!) If you have more pictures you’d like to include in the show, email them to me [] or bring along a CD with them on the night! The whole thing will be really informal, we’ll just have the pictures on a loop, no need to sit down and politely clap or anything. But hooting, cheering, and the shouting of drinks are of course most welcome!

The Drinks: Danny from Billy Weston is providing special priced drinks!

The Address:
Billy Weston Pool and Snooker
64 Scarborough Beach Rd
(08) 9245-3939

Bec will have her snazzy camera on hand, so if you haven’t had your special Bon Scott photoshoot yet, maybe now is the time. To arrange it, call her on 0404973126 or just show up in your finest Bon regalia.