The Bon Scott Project

[The following is from the Fremantle Arts Centre’s official blurb about the Bon Scott Project]

The Bon Scott Project is a multi-faceted program that celebrates and critiques the life and legacy of Bon Scott, the lead singer and co-lyricist of AC/DC, 1974-80.

The dates of the exhibitions at Fremantle Arts Centre are Saturday 17 May – Sunday 30 June 2008. The opening night is Friday 16 May.

The Project is curated by Jasmin Stephens, Curator/Exhibitions Manager, at Fremantle Arts Centre. Robyn Fergusson, Communications Coordinator, is responsible for media and community liaison.

Project Background
Scotland-born Ronald Belford “Bon” Scott was raised in Fremantle where he learnt to play the drums with the Coastal Scottish Pipe Band. Years after his death he is still embraced as a “Fremantle boy” and his performance style is increasingly acclaimed internationally. His grave in Fremantle Cemetery, now listed by the National Trust, is the most visited in Australia.

On Sunday 24 February a group of Fremantle fans will unveil a bronze statue dedicated to Bon. Feelings about the statue reflect Bon’s diverse and impassioned following. Many fans feel there is a conflict between Bon’s status as an outsider and the selection of a bronze statue to commemorate him. The Project promises to stimulate as much debate about Bon himself as about the mythology surrounding him.

Project Components

Bon Scott Letters Exhibition
An exhibition of letters written by Bon.
A prolific correspondent, they provide an unparalled insight into his long years on the road and the manner in which he rehearsed his lyrics.
Curated by Katie Dyer, some of the letters from the exhibition will also be included in Lucas Ihlein’s blog.

About Bon Exhibition
A group exhibition intended to offer an ironic, conceptual and expressive take on the life and times of Bon Scott.
The confirmed artists are Guy Benfield (US), Adam Cullen (NSW), Rebecca Dagnall (WA), Alex Gawronski (NSW), Ian Haig (VIC), Matthew Hunt (WA), Lucas Ihlein (NSW), Richard Lewer (VIC), Michael Moran (NSW), Ryan Nazzari (WA), Vanila Netto (WA), Scott Redford (QLD), Eli Smith (WA), Martin Smith (QLD) and Tanja Visosevic (WA).

Fremantle-based artist Rebecca Dagnall is visiting fans to photograph their home and community spaces in which they express their devotion to Bon.

Bon Scott Blog
Lucas Ihlein has commenced the Bon Scott Blog in which he records his experience of “coming to know Bon”.
Lucas will also curate the LED welcome sign which is on the main road into Fremantle. During the exhibition period, Saturday 17 May – Sunday 30 June, the sign will transmit Bon’s lyrics and messages from fans around the world and will be seen on Lucas’ blog:

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