Phillip Morris Acca Dacca Exhibit

we luv acdc

Phillip Morris, legendary Aussie photographer who tracked AC/DC’s career from the very beginning, is hosting an exhibition of his best acca dacca shots in Sydney! The show is called AC/DC Exposed!

There’s an article about the show in the Sydney Morning Herald.

The photo above is one of Phillips great shots, and is featured on the exhibition’s facebook page

Oh, I should add, Phillip first popped up in this blog when I visited artist Eli Smith, who did a Bon Scott painting based on some of Phillip’s photos.

AND! If I’m not mistaken, check out Bon’s very prominent package in the above photo. That, my friends, looks like the source photo for Scott Redford’s Bon Scott Crotch Wallpaper which adorns the walls of the Fremantle Exhibition…

3 thoughts on “Phillip Morris Acca Dacca Exhibit”

  1. Whoa, I think this picture of Bon just single-handedly answered the Ugly/Sexy question! His excess testosterone is oozing thru my computer screen. And Bon’s facial expression backs up everything his package implies.

  2. hola que tal como siempre pasa todo lo referido a bon scott pasa por alli aca en argentina nunca nada ,,,pero bueno esta bien te deseo mucha suerte un abrazo

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