Shh… Bon’s in the Library…

fremantle library bon scott display
[Click on the photo to see it bigger…]

Last week I received an anonymous tip-off that the Fremantle Public Library was putting together their own little display of Bon Scott stuff. Apparently this is something they do, when there is a topical local issue in the air.

So I hoofed it down to the library. I was curious to find out what sort of display librarians would put together. You know, loud subject in quiet place and all that…

When I got there, I couldn’t see anything acca dacca, so I asked the nice lady at the desk. She said she knew nothing about it, “I’m sure if it was happening it would have been discussed in the meeting we had today,” and so I slouched away disappointed.

But now good news! Rachel from the Library has come through with the goods. Behold, the photo above, and Rachel’s email message, brief but to the point:

“Attached is the picture of our little display, though it is quite small. Hope you had a good time over West!”

The photo is tantalisingly blurry – I can make out VHS copies of Let There Be Rock and Fly on the Wall, but what are the other titles?

10 thoughts on “Shh… Bon’s in the Library…”

  1. Yesss! At least they have something. With demand they’d probably get more, but maybe not in time for the end of the BSP. Maybe there’s folks out there who’d donate Bon, or acca dacca
    books? They ought to google Bon – they’d have a pretty good selection of articles too. Shh, my foot! Librarians have a vile stereotype to overcome. We aren’t that quiet. Trust me on that one!

  2. hola lucas yo creo que tenes live special colector ,stiff upper lip tour (2) lo que sucede es que segun los paises difieren las tapas de los albumes …saludos

  3. Ah, maybe you should visit libraries more often! They aren’t quiet (‘shhhh’) places anymore, and if AC/DC were looking for a library gig, we’d gladly host them.

    The nice lady at the desk (more like a spunky lass) would have been able to help more if you’d stuck around longer – she turned around and you were already gone!

  4. Hi Rachael. I know, I know, as Susann pointed out also, I’m guilty of stereotyping librarians and their place of work. MY apologies for that.

    I would LOVE to see an acca dacca gig rattle the book shelves! (But how could the more bookish students continue to study with all that rockin?)

    Yep, I should have stuck around longer chattin’ up the spunky librarian, but I figured (correctly, as it turns out!) that the library info-grapevine would spider out and reach back to me very quickly. (I should point out, I wasn’t disappointed in the library or it’s staff at all, just in the fact that I didn’t get to see your cool display myself!)

    Thanks again for everything, how is your display being received by the punters?

  5. Rockin’, Bon-Lovin’ Librarians unite! In my library school I was one a large-ish group of partiers who loosely referred to ourselves as the Librarians from Hell. Yeah, a few Bonny connections there too. And we were not quite your timid types, ya’ know?

  6. Hi Lucas – no problem. Librarians just like to point out we’re not bun wearing, super shushing action figures.

    In my ideal library, there would be a special huge soundproofed room where people could make as much racket as they liked, including bands.

    A library in Toronto hosts a monthly bands night, would be a great idea:

    The display’s been going great – in fact I need to find some other things to populate it, being so popular!

  7. Very good article! There are so many silly stereotypes of librarians out there. And most people are astonished to discover that to be a librarian, you must have a masters degree. This is one librarian that is both lively and not so dumb.

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