Shh… Bon’s in the Library…

fremantle library bon scott display
[Click on the photo to see it bigger…]

Last week I received an anonymous tip-off that the Fremantle Public Library was putting together their own little display of Bon Scott stuff. Apparently this is something they do, when there is a topical local issue in the air.

So I hoofed it down to the library. I was curious to find out what sort of display librarians would put together. You know, loud subject in quiet place and all that…

When I got there, I couldn’t see anything acca dacca, so I asked the nice lady at the desk. She said she knew nothing about it, “I’m sure if it was happening it would have been discussed in the meeting we had today,” and so I slouched away disappointed.

But now good news! Rachel from the Library has come through with the goods. Behold, the photo above, and Rachel’s email message, brief but to the point:

“Attached is the picture of our little display, though it is quite small. Hope you had a good time over West!”

The photo is tantalisingly blurry – I can make out VHS copies of Let There Be Rock and Fly on the Wall, but what are the other titles?