Eastlands Shopping Centre, September 1975

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Here’s a mini web-version of Ian Haig‘s “Eastland Shopping Centre, September 1975” which is featured in the Bon Scott Project Exhibition at Fremantle Arts Centre. Thanks Ian for sending it through! On page 171 of Highway to Hell: The Life and Death of Bon Scott, Clinton Walker’s writes:

the band played a free show at the Eastlands Shopping Centre in Ringwood, between 6 and 7 pm, and then later they appeared at the International Hotel.

That’s all he says… So, what happened at that gig? And why is it significant for Ian?

One thought on “Eastlands Shopping Centre, September 1975”

  1. I remember they played on a Friday afternoon…maybe it was early evening, but management stopped them because it was too loud, for memory they played around half a dozen songs including High Voltage before the power was pulled…

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