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bon lovechild

Holy Matrimony! Bon’s lovechildren are a-comin’ out of the woodwork. The latest is this fella, Aussie actor Alex O’Loughlin. Here’s the story, lifted from the ever-reliable news dot com dot au:

The Oyster Farmer star — who recently joined the cast of US cop drama The Shield – has revealed he’s the son of late AC/DC frontman Ronald “Bon” Scott, according to the World Entertainment News Network.

And while Confidential yesterday contacted both the Sydney and LA-based agents of 29-year-old O’Loughlin, neither was able to confirm the bizarre claim, which first appeared in the Chicago Tribune last week.

O’Loughlin – currently dating fellow Aussie hottie Holly Valance – was also out of reach, in Canada to film thriller Whiteout alongside Kate Beckinsale.

The NIDA-trained actor, who was tested for the role of James Bond in the latest instalment, Casino Royale, before it went to Daniel Craig, was born in 1977 at the height of Scott’s fame as AC/DC’s hard man of rock ‘n’ roll – three years before the rocker died in London in February 1980.

ben scottIn the meantime, the Bon Scott Blog’s original and favourite lovechild candidate (although one lovechild does not rule out another, of course) BEN SCOTT has begun an online petition to help promote his cause.

He wants the supreme court to grant him access to Bon’s DNA so that science can prevail, and it can be proven one way or another.

I really don’t know how these things work, where any of Bon’s DNA might still be lurking, or how they match up these things…but ours is not to reason why, ours is just to sign online petitions, right? OK, off you go then.

(Oh, and thanks to my brother Josh for keeping an ever-vigilant eye on the world wide web. He sent me the above news story about Alex O’Loughlin. What are family for, eh?)