Lucky Loyd Chimes in…

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A few days ago, Loyd from Birmingham, Alabama, left this message:

The musicians I found on our Bon Scott Tribute Day will go down in history as the best BS band ever! I will have videos soon. My Mom, Liz Scott, came out, as well as 12 local bands! The Best is yet to come!

And now Loyd has come through with the goods. Read this email he just sent me:

Hi Lucas

Just thought I would let you know the results of our Bon Tribute at The Bottletree in Birmingham.

The fire marshal says the club can hold 76 people. There were over 150 people thru the front door, and 11 bands and their friends and girlfriends thru the back door. It was a blast!

We found a pair of kids who have wanted to do Bon tribute band since they were dressing as Bon & Angus for Halloween! They are both 23, and are being teamed with a group of veteran musicians from the ‘Ham, and are being advised by a former member of the San Francisco-based Bon tribute “Powerage”.

Enclosed are pictures from the event. Do you see the resemblance?

A review of the event is available at a site called “soundboard de cheevo.” Did the message I sent touting this event really run on your message board? That was on honor.

Hope you find a place for your Bon statue. If you ever need a place to put him in Birmingham, look me up!

Loyd, I particularly liked this photo you sent:

bon scott tribute

I assume it was taken on a mobile phone: the low grade image and artifacts on the picture make you almost believe that this could be a long-lost photo of Bon from the 1970s (except for the tattoo I guess…)

Here are some more shots I liked from the night:

angus at bon scott tribute
[“Angus” going off… Original photo from here.]

line up
[The line up for the tribute night… Original photo from here.]

every alice on earth
[Handmade poster for the band “every alice on earth” which were featured on the night. Original photo here.]

4 thoughts on “Lucky Loyd Chimes in…”

  1. Oh, I wish I could’ave been there – that’s an hour and 20 minutes away from me. Birmingham is a great city, and the local music is excellent! From the pictures alone, it looks like y’all had a great night.

    Hey, Loyd we could have the Bonny statue for a visit up there beside Vulcan and they could be cheeky together. Sorry, I couldn’t resist! For those who haven’t been there, Birmingham is a steel town, there is a giant statue of Vulcan wearing his apron from the forge sitting atop the (Red Mtn.) ridge that looks over downtown. The back of this giant Vulcan is naked – mooning the little town of Homewood on the other side of the ridge.

  2. You’ve done it again, Carolyn! Are you sure you aren’t a mind-reader? That mental picture is another one to give me chuckles!

  3. We are getting our act together, tho we still seek our Malcolm! You can see our practice of 8/14 on You Tube by searching “Riff Raff in Birmingham, Alabama.”

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