Blue My Socks Out of My DBs!

acdc melbourne concert

The above is from the Melbourne concert, which I attended with my friend Texta a few weeks ago.
More photos from the gig (which was absolutely phenomenal) here.

The following email comes from my old mate Simmo, who was always good for a hot tip during the secretive construction period of the Bon Scott Bronze statue. Here you can see me and Simmo at the Statue celebration concert in Perth back in Feb 2008:

simmo and me

Hi Lucas
Hope a fan like you caught the greattest gig in the world ? The Black Ice AC /DC tour , Well let me say it blue my socks out of my DBs !!! Sat ,Night in Perth and the guys turned it on and they played High Voltage as a tribute to Bon and his finnal resting place Freo.I believe that it has not been played for over 30 years live, but I am here to be corrected .There where pictures of Bon Flashing across the screens and more fists held up in salute than any other song played that night ! Yes I was looking and I was sober and straight as I lost all my money , it fell out of my pocket.
I scanned the top of the stadiums later on the night looking for a soul piper to belt out Its along way to the top , but as i right this nowI believe it will be played to night by a 36 piece Pipe band that Bon used to play with , Perth being there last Aussie, gig and the guys being who they are , will entertain and remember and surprise . and it sucks that I am not their again
Rock In Peace

Onya Simmo!! …anyone else have concert reports or pictures they wanna share from the Aussie tour?

A Crocheted Bon From the Mailbag…

bon and angus crochet art

Every now and again, some gold comes through the mailbox at ye olde Bon Scott Blog. Here’s a case in point – Lee an artist who is 35% through the process of crocheting an image of Bon and Angus in full flight. Amazing work, Lee!

Here’s Lee’s fabulous dramatisation of the work in progress (right) as compared with how it will be when it’s finished (left):

bon and angus 35 percent

In other words, a slow reveal from bottom to top. Lee, we look forward to further updates as the work moves along!

(I reproduce Lee’s email to me below)

Hi Lucas!

Fellow Acca Dacca fan from Canberra here!
I stumbled across your blog after a bit of surfing and think it’s wonderful that fans such as yourself are commited to preserving all that is Bon and keeping us up to date on any happenings!

I just thought i’d drop you a note to say “well done!” on the site and to let you know that i’m doing my part in keeping Bon’s spirit and memory alive and well!
I’m a fiber artist and work with wool to create crocheted portraits and when I spotted the pic of Bon & Angus at the Marquee, London, 1976 in the book ‘AC/DC Maximum Rock & Roll’ by Murray Englehart – straight away I thought it would make a great piece!

I’m only 35% of the way in but it’s shaping up quite nicely!

It measures just over a metre wide, and when it’s finished I dare say it will be around 2 metres high!

Hope this finds you well and once again, cracking site!!
Lee ^__^

UPDATE! 24 November 2009:

The crochet Bon/Angus has now reached 50% completion!

bon angus 50 percent

[UPDATE! It’s finished! see here…]

A Portrait from the Mailbag

Lee Wilde portrait of Bon

“Lee Wilde” sent the below email through from Perth, where he works on his portraiture. Lee writes: “My work is mainly figurative…female portraits and nudes”.

The above painting, it seems, now hangs proudly in the office of Doug, the president of the WA Bon Scott Fanclub.

Strange that we didn’t meet last year in Perth/Fremantle Lee! – Perhaps next year at the AC/DC concert in Perth?

Here’s Lee’s original message:

Hi Lucas

I was just surfing around some art sites…came across your blog and
thought I’d show you a portrait I painted of Bon Scott last year. It
was bought by the President of the Bon Scott fan club here in Perth.

Feel free to post it on your blog if you like. If you’d prefer one
without the copyright watermark, let me know.


Lee Wilde

When Bon Scott First Met AC/DC

vince lovegrove on stage
[Vince Lovegrove on stage]

The following story, lovingly told, is, according to its author, Vince Lovegrove, “the truth, the real story of how Bon Scott met AC/DC for the first time.” Indeed, it seems to move carefully and systematically through the significant moments of Bon’s life. Vince, who first played together with Bon in the 1960s in Perth, in a band called The Valentines, was never far away from the major events in Bon’s career. So it makes sense to get the story from the horse’s mouth.

Vince first posted this story to the myspace page of his current band, the Mongrels of Passion. I emailed him to ask if I could reprint the story here. Continue reading “When Bon Scott First Met AC/DC”

Lucky Loyd Chimes in…

lucky loyd angus image

A few days ago, Loyd from Birmingham, Alabama, left this message:

The musicians I found on our Bon Scott Tribute Day will go down in history as the best BS band ever! I will have videos soon. My Mom, Liz Scott, came out, as well as 12 local bands! The Best is yet to come!

And now Loyd has come through with the goods. Read this email he just sent me:

Hi Lucas

Just thought I would let you know the results of our Bon Tribute at The Bottletree in Birmingham.

The fire marshal says the club can hold 76 people. There were over 150 people thru the front door, and 11 bands and their friends and girlfriends thru the back door. It was a blast!

We found a pair of kids who have wanted to do Bon tribute band since they were dressing as Bon & Angus for Halloween! They are both 23, and are being teamed with a group of veteran musicians from the ‘Ham, and are being advised by a former member of the San Francisco-based Bon tribute “Powerage”.

Enclosed are pictures from the event. Do you see the resemblance?

A review of the event is available at a site called “soundboard de cheevo.” Did the message I sent touting this event really run on your message board? That was on honor.

Hope you find a place for your Bon statue. If you ever need a place to put him in Birmingham, look me up!

Continue reading “Lucky Loyd Chimes in…”

It’s Bon’s Birthday!

alyssa models the bon scott blog apron





July 9th, as you all know, is Bon’s Birthday. Amazingly, the rocker would be youthful 62 this year!

Well, the Bon Scott Blog is happy to announce a new gift for that Bon Scott Lover in your life who’s “got it all”…

The Limited Edition Bon Scott Crotch Apronâ„¢, as modelled so fetchingly above by Alyssa.


The apron was hand-silkscreened by print guru Alyssa and myself in the dying days of my artist-in-residence in Fremantle. You can see photos of the printing in progess here.

The apron is designed to sit snugly over your hips, creating the illusion, for as long as you wear it, that you have acquired the well packaged groin of Australia’s greatest rocker. To boot, you get the deliciously hairy belly and a bit of microphone on the lower right hand side…

The drawing featured on the apron is the same one I used as an iron-on for my Bon Scott Crotch singlet when I went to the big concert. It was done by my friend Hana Shimada. Very adept with a lead pencil, that Hana.

The screen was kindly prepared for me by West Australian printing maven Susanna Castleden from Curtin University.

The aprons themselves were custom made in Melbourne, of the finest cotton drill, and supplied by Australian ApronMakers. Athol Kelly, the dad of my friend Deborah helped me out by getting the aprons to me in record time and at a good price.

bon scott blog tag

To top it off, every apron comes with a hand-sewn, gold-on-black Bon Scott Blog tag (just like grandma used to fix onto your clothes so you didn’t get ’em nicked at school). Many of these tags were sewn on by my girlfriend Lizzie while she watched television.

So folks, as you can see these aprons are a labour of love from the sweatshop of Bon!

Now, this is a very limited edition print run – only 50 of these aprons are available, so get in quick! A bargain at only AUD$55 dollars plus postage and handling! For obvious reasons, I am restricting sales to one apron per person.

If you want an apron, email me now: lucas[at]bonscottblog[dot]com and we’ll work out all the payment and postage options…

Tattoos on Librarians

tatts on librarians
[Click on the image to see it larger…]

Yesterday I got this great email and pic from the librarians at the Fremantle City Library… One thing is for sure, my rather stereotyped view of librarians has undergone a rapid transformation these past weeks…

Hi Lucas,

How’s it going? It’s Rachael here again, from Fremantle City Library.

We’re keeping the Bon Scott spirit going, and with that in mind when we got our hands on some of those tattoos (fake) from the Fremantle Arts Centre, one of our librarians suddenly had an idea!



Queenie’s Report, Part One…

julz img 1

The following report about the Ugly Sexy Factor comes from Queen Bee…It’s “part one” of a multi-episode extravaganza! Read on… -Lucas

A few weeks ago after viewing The Bon Scott Project at the Fremantle Arts Centre I purchased two tickets to the Ugly Sexy Factor event and idly flicked through a booklet freely available and complimentary from the arts centre (and I kid you not found on all the tables, foyers, benches, reception and window sills, so I’m thinking if we have any foreigners in love with Bon, write a note to the arts centre and ask if they can send a little booklet once the project is over as a souvenir!!! They are really quite cute!!)
……………. ………………………………………………………………………………. Anyway just never one to lose her train of thought (much )…..
Here I was innocently flipping through the (cute) booklet and what do ya know!!!! This blog here caught my eye.

So after initially emailing Lucas and enquiring as to how I might participate, to contribute something to this really great place to hang out with other Bon fans, Lucas finally caved to my charms and offered me another two tickets to Ugly Sexy in addition to the two I had purchased, and BINGO like a cloudy day clearing up big bright blue skies, rainbows, sunshine and butterflies FREAKING everywhere …..I had me a POSSIE….

Introducing my mate Gen, man this is one creative gal, nutty as shit but I love her, you know she was so excited (not only was she going on a road trip for just an evening where she could be herself, Gens a mum to five among many other things!) that she sewed herself a dress that was inspired by Bon for the evening. Red flannel craftily sewn into a magical outfit!

the posse

This is the POSSIE…. Fuelling up at the HJ’s Joint in freo before our big night which lay ahead. Any way that’s her in her mint ox outfit, she’s in the middle, the one going for the killer munch LOL (she’s prolly going to kick my ass for this pic!!)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Oh YEaH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

To the front we have my assistant Roxi, who wasn’t a Bon fan before we got there (yet I know she’s warming!!) oh how sheltered she’s been!! So you can safely say Roxi ended up rocking it!!!

side kick

My final evil side kick is Ayden the photographer!! Ayden too arrived in the same boat as Roxi in regards to Bon and his fashion Faux pas past!!! But again an evening spent with awesome friendly crew gathered around, everyone here for the one reason well, that’s got to touch some people right, yeah that’s my figuring, so I touched lots of people that night!! And I’m sure Mr. Ben Scott will say he wishes he was one of them LOL…. If you haven’t taken the time, go check out Amazing Armani Undies on Display, a worthy Giggle to be had!!!! But Ben 10 outta 10 for the effort my man! Anyway where were we…

Yeah tickets for sale!! I’m only kidding I kept my paws to myself but seeing and participating in this vibrant evening and having people from all walks of life, getting along you could imagine the atmosphere!! It was definitely HIGH VOLTAGE. So cheers to my little pal Ayden for the pics I’m sure you’ll all see he did a wonderful job!

Oh by the way the road trip was most interesting, it got dark along the way and we had to gauge our speed by the other drivers on the freeway because we lost the dashboards lights or the fact I’d never driven this rig before and kept using the indicators to wipe my windscreen was duly noted as clear indicators pointing to an interesting evening to be had as we drove into the orange lights of the Fremantle district.

Guys I’ve broken this into sections because I’m currently on time restriction’s woohooo *Brags* Just bagged myself a kick ass job!!! So I’m applying myself and juggling family and easing out of my other two jobs in order to follow my dream and will post this blog a bit at a time but believe me this is well worth the wait and I promise you that on the night there’s a rock and roll queen your satisfaction will be guaranteed folks!!!! Ps – the photo gallery that will accompany this is definitely worth your time, I found one picture that in my mind sums up the night and Im gonna show it upfront on Part Two “ Live Wire” . Till then feel free to send comments and questions via the main man, good old Lucas….


Hot Enough for Hate Mail

queen bee and friends

Queen Bee, our current “Fan of the week” recently sent me a bunch of images of herself and her friends cavorting at the graveside of the Bonny Scott. (She’s the one kneeling up at the back doing that rock-n-roll horn symbol thingummy with her right hand…)

She also wrote this passionate comment in response to the “ugly/sexy” debate.

Shortly afterwards, this quite negative, and rather confusing comment came through from someone called “Peter”:
Continue reading “Hot Enough for Hate Mail”

(Bon+Sexy) = Queen Bee

queen bee at the cemetery

This whole Ugly / Sexy question sure has opened the door to some passionate commentary from the female fans (even the newish ones!).

But I wonder what men (besides his own charming lovechild son of course) make of Bon’s sexiness? For instance, I’ve been wondering, what do gay boys make of his devilish charm, down-home features, suggestive movements, high tight jeans, engaging eye-twinkles? Hot or Not?

Anyway, while we ponder that one, and wait for some more opinions to trickle through, one of the great discoveries this week has been “Queen Bee“. She sent me this charming email (reproduced below), accompanied by the photo above, and several other rather racy shots of herself and her musician pals at the cemetery. Thanks Queen, you’re definitely Fan-of-The-Week!

Ok, here’s her email…

Dear Lucas

I have been passionately watching the goings on at the art gallery and your own hand in this dynamic new Bon Scott Project and I wanted to know how I could participate???

I think I would be invaluable to this Project not only as a MAJOR fan but as the total awesome networker I’ve blossomed into.

I am a well educated young lady who is very resourceful and wanting IN big time. I have included some pics with my pals 21 Guns (local perth act and ac/dc cover band) and my international pals Machine Head. Hope you enjoy them, I would love to be able to contribute these or have you use them.

Great work you’ve been doing, keep it up



Ps- I have included my myspace pages so you can see additional pics of My Bon!!

Queen Bee Productions & Enterprises sends you her warm regards xx

Well, Queen Bee, how about you start your participation by heading down to the Ugly Sexy Factor night with a free ticket, take a few shots and write a short report for the blog? That’d be terrific, given that I am 3000 km away from Fremantle now…