Lucky Loyd Chimes in…

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A few days ago, Loyd from Birmingham, Alabama, left this message:

The musicians I found on our Bon Scott Tribute Day will go down in history as the best BS band ever! I will have videos soon. My Mom, Liz Scott, came out, as well as 12 local bands! The Best is yet to come!

And now Loyd has come through with the goods. Read this email he just sent me:

Hi Lucas

Just thought I would let you know the results of our Bon Tribute at The Bottletree in Birmingham.

The fire marshal says the club can hold 76 people. There were over 150 people thru the front door, and 11 bands and their friends and girlfriends thru the back door. It was a blast!

We found a pair of kids who have wanted to do Bon tribute band since they were dressing as Bon & Angus for Halloween! They are both 23, and are being teamed with a group of veteran musicians from the ‘Ham, and are being advised by a former member of the San Francisco-based Bon tribute “Powerage”.

Enclosed are pictures from the event. Do you see the resemblance?

A review of the event is available at a site called “soundboard de cheevo.” Did the message I sent touting this event really run on your message board? That was on honor.

Hope you find a place for your Bon statue. If you ever need a place to put him in Birmingham, look me up!

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Guest blogger chimes in!

Simon Meli with Lizzie
[Simon Meli with Lizzie at the Bon Scott Tribute Night]

I’ve been in Western Australia for the last week, so I missed out on the Sydney Bon Scott Tribute Night at the Vanguard Hotel.

But my roving reporters Lizzie and Jessie bravely went along on my behalf! Lizzie even had the guts to request a performance of She’s Got the Jack, a song she originally thought was just plain silly. Well, she still thinks it’s silly, it’s just that she can’t stop humming it now.

You can read Lizzie’s entertaining report on her night out with Bon here.

Oh, and if you wanted MORE REVEALING photos of the Bon Scott Blogger’s alter-ego, “The Lightning Rod”, in action at the WA Air Guitar Championships, Sally has kindly sent some in!

Swanee pays his dues…

My friend Jessie (who came along last week to see Mark Evans rock out at the Sando) just sent me an excited text message. There will be a tribute evening to Bon Scott in Newtown in a few weeks!

So here are the details:

LET THERE BE ROCK – A Salute to Bon Scott featuring SWANEE

The Vanguard
42 King Street
Newtown NSW

Thursday 24 Apr 2008
7:00 PM – 11:45 PM

ACDC formed in Sydney, Australia in 1973 by brothers Angus and Malcolm Young. The band is considered a pioneer of hard rock and heavy metal, alongside bands such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath.

Celebrating the Bon Scott era of ACDC special guest vocalists rock out on a night that is going to blow you away!

Guest vocalists:
SIMON MELI (Ooh la la, Johnny G)
MAX SMIDT + More to be announced
The Electrfying Band is:
TONY THE KIDD (Guitar) (Ooh La La)

The Vanguard’s website is here.

Damn! I am heading over to Perth next week for the great air guitar gig, so I’m gonna miss this. Perhaps someone can go along to the tribute night at the Vanguard, and send in a report or some pictures for the blog?