Reunions at the Gallery

veronica stevo and lucas

It was a big night for reunions! Here I am in my Bon Scott Nook with Veronica and Stevo. I’d just finished explaining their story to my friend Mish (using a photo pinned onto the wall behind the beanbag as a visual aid) when, speak of the devil, they showed up! By this stage of the evening my camera had run out of batteries, so Mish snapped this one off on her mobile phone.

I’ll upload some more photos soon.

If anyone else has any shots (or movies!) from the exhibition launch they’d like to share, send em through and I’ll put em up! –> lucas[at]bonscottblog[dot]com

Oh, and some lovely comments came through last night! Thanks Alyssa, Susan from Alabama, Andrew, Rich from Montana, and of course, the ever loyal Pablo from Argentina.

Ben Scott, the lovechild, was stuck in Esperance (8 hours drive south of Perth) and so didn’t make it, although plenty of people at the exhibition asked after him. But I heard on the grapevine that he was the first caller to speak to Bon through Madam TV’s professional mourning service, so I guess he was here “in spirit”, so to speak…

Any other stories from last night?

Authentic Value

stevo from gosnells
[Stevo with his “mint condition” voucher for a special AC/DC songbook. Bec the photographer is in the background. Read about my first encounter with Stevo here…]

Stevo from Gosnells is a one heckuva collector.

I got his number from Robi at the Fremantle Arts Centre. As is often the case with the Bon Scott tragics I’ve been meeting lately, my tentative phone call, which is supposedly just “to work out if you might be up for a visit”, results in an avalanche of information being transmitted right then and there on the phone.

“I’m the biggest collector I know!” Steve said, and then he launched into a big list of the AC/DC items he owns. I had to rein him in – a lot of the stuff he was saying didn’t make any sense to me at all. Blue labels? Certificates of authenticity?? Souvenir songbooks??? Bon’s face on a dollar bill????
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