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  1. Hey dude… I had a moment just now… I was in a cab home after a friday evening with da fellas… and I was almost home.. then the radio fired up with AC/DC – High Voltage… I was wishing I was there with ya in WA… and I almost got the cabbie to go round the block a few times until the song had finishes… unfortunately i’m not quite that rich… take it easy – hope WA is all good for ya… cheers

  2. Hi Lucas, good to hear from you, and also good to read about the subject matter on your latest project. When I first arrived in Australia in the mid seventys, we used to go to a club called the Bondi Lifesaver, where you paid 5 bucks, bought a bottle of cheap plonk and watched AC-DC.. they were rank amateurs back then, quite painful in fact, but you could see potential. ( it was also the early days of Cold Chisel, in fact I saw their first live performance, dreadful )

    Since then, I have worked with AC-DC on various tours, the latest was in Toronto about 4 OR 5 years ago..They doubled billed with the Rolling Stones, we got around half a million people at the show. It was to encourage people to visit Canada again after the Sars outbreak.

    So good luck with the project Lucas, I hope it goes well for you.



  3. Hi Lucas
    Been following your Blog and you’ve done a great job….sounds like you’ve met heaps of interesting people………love the Family you met and all the lovely shots of them. Looks like everyone had a great day on Sunday.
    Good luck with the rest of the project.

  4. Hi Lucas,
    What an amazing blog about an amazing man! I have been sitting here with tears in my eyes reading all this as the memories of my weeekend in Freo for the unveiling concert flooded back. It was the first time I had been to Bons grave, and it wont be the last. I hope to make it on his annivesary next year and I would happily spend the day there with you meeting as many of these dedicated people as i can. I travelled to Bons grave this year and met Angry Anderson and Dave Evans at the concert, and had the best weekend of my life, with thanks to a very special friend, Mark, who is the most devoted Bon fan I know and the most amazing man I know. I’d love the two of you to meet and swap stories.
    Thanks for bringing it all back again, and I look forward to seeing the project continue…

    Cheers and LET THERE BE ROCK! Jen

  5. hey lucas!

    Bon or BUST ended in BUST ??? That’s so sad. My friends are travelling from Melbourne to Perth in May and could easily be diverted, methinks, in the name of an historic pilgrimmage if you are still a seeker…

    will pass on the details of yer site and see what gives…




  7. Hi Lucas, what a great blog!

    I’m a regular visitor – thanks for keeping us all updated on the Bon stuff from Down Under.

    Keep up the excellent work!
    Cheers – FT

    P.S. Thanks for link! 🙂

  8. I’m 17 and I’m one of the biggest Bon Scott fans of all time-I plan on someday visiting his grave (RIP), and this June, for my 18th birthday, I get my first tattoo. It’ll be a Bon memorial tattoo<3! This site’s so cool because Bon’s such an important person in my life. He died before I was born, but my love for him is crazy! He’s my true hero, my role model, and someone I’ll always love. RIP Bon, and keep up the fantastic work with this site =]
    -Eryn, 17, Waukegan, Illinois.

  9. Hi Eryn, thanks for writing in my guest book. Wow, your first tattoo, good for you! Have you got the design all worked out already?

    I will still be uploading stories to the Bon Scott Blog when you have your tatt done – so please send through pictures or movies of the work in progress, and I’ll make a feature of your Bon memorial body art!


  11. Wow, thanks Pablo, muchas gracias and a big “hola” to all the fans over there in Argentina! Mi espagnol no es muy bueno either, but I get the gist of what you’re saying. Don’t worry, I will continue to put information about the Bon Scott exhibition here on the blog!

    You might want to check out this post or these pages from a Mexican magazine which are in Spanish. I am sure you’ll know what they are saying better than me!
    Cheers and best wishes

  12. Hello Lucas !! Thank you so much fot this wonderful Blog and for your great work for the Bon Scott memory, is fantastic. i try visit all days your blog and of course I enjoy all day with the great histories about Bon and related. I am Bon scott fan since 1978 and avery day I have in my mind one “Bon minute” for his memory.
    Thanks for all & Take care lucas
    All the very best from the south of Spain.

    Enrique (Córdoba)

  13. Thanks Jo… actually, Clinton Walker, who wrote the biography of Bon, likes this band and sometimes goes to see them play in a local pub in Sydney (can’t remember which one…Dulwich Hill?)

    So there’s one connection at least. I liked the sound of “Jungle” on their myspace…

  14. Cheers for the blog site dude .. love your work as wood the true Australian rock g-d Bon.

  15. Hello Lucas,
    Thanks again for including information on my book in your Bon Scott Blog. I wish I could come to Fremantle to see his statue!
    I think Bon would have loved your tribute to him. I’m always thrilled at his growing popularity. There will never again be anyone like him. Bon Scott will always be one of the greatest frontmen ever!
    Let there be rock!

    Susan Masino

  16. Thanks Susan, good to hear from you!
    You’ll be pleased to note, your book arrived in the post a few days ago from AC/DC fan and bookstore owner Randy! I’ll start reading it soon!

  17. I’m perishing over here in ALABAMA! No passport, no vacation time, no cash. I’m there in spirit and wishing the Bonny Scott would find mine, but that’s a whole ‘nuther story. I hope y’all make a book or something of the exhibition so those of us who missed out can see everything. It looks great so far – I’m madly downloading everything I can.

    Tell BenBonRon -Younger Mr. Scott that I do believe he’s the “baby brigade” baby of Bon’s mentioned in that book about the band, Maximum AC DC, I think it is? I don’t have it with me for the exact title, tho’ I remember the pages, or close to them 73-74, or something like that. Cheers. Susan

  18. PS I’m going to come over for a long visit one day – the problem will be making me go back to Alabama!

  19. Hello folks !
    New to the site so if i make a mistake or post in the wrong section, go easy on me !!
    Needless to say i am a HUGE Bon fan and have been for years, just prior to his death which happened in my last year of secondary school i was introduced to AC/DC by a school mate and have always had their albums at the front of my collection since then !!
    I recently went to East Dulwich and the 67 Overhill Road was visited by myself as the information is widely available to those that seek with the Web, however, in the times of my last year at school that info was hard to come by as just simply knowing that he died in London and that was that, but with the Web and Sat-Nav you can easily find these things so off i went !
    It was a hard acceptance to me to think that Bon Scott died where he did, what an uninspiring, suburban place. I took a couple of pictures with my cell-phone to keep for my files and sat there wondering where exactly it was where that Renault 5 was parked as there is a sloping driveway that leads to the rear of the property or was it on the front in the road ? Maybe back then the rear had a garden so it had to be at the front, i was amazed how much the mind works when placed in the prescence of something that you always wanted to visit.

    where bon died
    [click on the image to see larger version.]

    There was a young coloured guy going in and out of the premises who kept looking at me, obviously i ain`t the first to sit there and i won`t be the last, the people who live in the three flats have to be aware of what went on there as there is small amounts of `vandalism` in certain areas like the fence outside, the lampost opposite with the `Bon lives forever`, `Bon we love you`,R.I.P.BON and so on b ut other than that, you could be sat anywhere in the world and not be aware that the craziest frontman of a mad rock band died there,
    that is what i found so upsetting, but i still don`t regret going there on that pilgrimage..

    Ride on, Bon……

  20. My name is Rich and I live in Billings Montana, USA. I do not have the time to express what Bon Scott has meant to me over the past 28 years. Though I’m a typical American fan which means truly discovering AC/DC post Back in Black, it didn’t take long to learn as a lifetime fan that AC/DC was Bon Scott. Bon separated Ac/DC from the rest with incredible lyrics. Lyrics that my children know and enjoy due to their creativity and wit. My 17 year old mixed an AC/DC cd and of course had to have Big Balls on it. Though I never got to see the band with Bon, I’m still proud to tell people that the only time AC/DC ever played here in Billings WAS with Bon Scott. In some weird way that makes me feel closer to him as the heart of AC/DC. Though I can’t see the wonderful exhibit, statue and tributes to one of the Great frontmen in Rock and Roll history- I know that Bon appreciates the respect, the long overdue praise and reminder that before the millions and millions of records sold, and countless stadiums sold out, the greatest band in world- was lead, and watched over by one hell of a guy. Here’s to you Bon. I’m going to leave my computer now, put on Love at First Feel and have a huge Bong hit. Bon, they could have never made it this big without you.

  21. Hey Y’all. Wow! Every time I look at this blog & the BSP website, more super stuff has appeared. Keep it going – if I close my eyes real tight and crank up Bon on the stereo, I can almost dream that I’m there. The book I mentioned last time is: ACDC Maximum Rock & Roll: The Ultimate Story of the World’s Greatest Rock & Roll Band, by Murray Englehart with Arnaud Durieux. Ben really should see it. Is he there yet? My Bon story? I had heard & rocked out to, but never seen Bon until 2007, when I saw Family Jewels for the first time. Love at first sight & 27 yrs too late for first feel! Cheeky rascal in that uniform! Devastating bare-chested, in those jeans! Needless to say I’ve listened to him almost constantly ever since & gotten everything I can ahold of to hear read & see about the BONNY-EST Scotttt. Well, that’s it for now except to say I’m dying of curiousity to hear what outrageous things Madam TV/Bon? has been saying to people!

  22. Hi,

    Thanks for tour blog and all this work in memory of Bon.

    I’m taking care of the website , first french website about ACDC with 4 million visitors (4500 per days) .We would be extremely honored and thrilled if you accept to mention our site in your links section. Thanks very much for your answer.

    With best regards,


    Pierre (sydney76)

  23. hello lucas,

    here is a link i found that i thought was interesting and thought i’d pass it to you

    btw i run a site called which is about the glasgow apollo and we have a little section about ac/dc concerts and our readers comments here

    i saw ac/dc once with brian johnson good gig.. but i really am a bon scott fan.


  24. To the Fremantle Arts Centre:

    Kudos to you for presenting the exhibit to both honor and explore all
    facets of the phenomenal Bon Scott! I am a member of the Bon Scott
    Google Group, and many Bon fans the world over would love to see this
    exhibit, but due to financial constraints, work, etc. are unable to make the trip all the way to Fremantle. Is there any chance you could take it on the road once its Fremantle run is completed?

    I have been a fan of Bon’s for over 30 years and am especially
    interested in the Ugly/Sexy Factor. I consider him to be the sexiest
    man who has ever walked the face the of the earth, bar none.

    Thank you,
    A fan from the US (Calif.)

  25. DITTO Carolyn! Both on your suggestion for taking the exhibit around and especially on agreeing with me that Bon is the sexiest man, bar none!!! Dunno what the ugly/sexy thing is but he hooked me. However I beg to differ, he’s not ugly – he’s beautiful!

  26. Hi, I love Bon! I was more surf than Skin in his Time but Dog I loved his Fire!
    I saw him on Countdown(I was in the Audiance) when he fell off the Stack! One of the best Concert exp’s I’ve ever had. NOTHING BEATS the 4 hour CLASH Con’ at festival hall or Patti Smith & the Ramones.

    Great site !!!! Thanx for appearing on radioi today to remind Me what a Great Guy He realy was. (Met him a coupla times)

  27. the hardcore gay porn was a little unexpected, didnt realise Bon was into that kind of thing. now i know, i think i will give it a try too. Where did you get the vid?

  28. Hi, great site, I channeled Bon through the Professional Mourner Madam TV, it was a little strange. I was given Madam TV’s card at the Bon Scott Tribute Exhibition. Until then I didn’t know there were professional Mourners who could channel the dead. I called her from Bon’s gravesite after I went there with Tracy; it was about midnight. Trace started puking and nearly passed out so I thought I would call the number on the business card just for a laugh. The mourner woman answered and immediately started cracking on to me, she must have known that Trace was para. She kept saying how cute I was and then started screaming orgasmicly. Weird shit! Then she said that she could sense Bon’s presence and that his cock was sticking out of the ground and getting harder, then the mad mourner started screaming again and again and hung up.
    I thought that Madam TV was just some drugged out hippie but then something real unusual happened. I dragged Tracy back to the car and when she came around she said that while she was having a puke she could feel something poking at her through the ground. I started to think about what the mourner woman said. We got in the car and hoofed it back to Armadale. I know it sounds strange but I’m sure Bon Scott tried to give Tracy one while I was talking to Madam TV.

  29. Hi Mate,
    Just read about the Bon Scott Project in BEAT Mag Melbourne.Brought back a lot of memories, and i just thought i’d like to share them with you.
    I shifted house from Sydney to Melbourne in late 73′ Roadied for my Brothers band FOX .
    I was sitting in a house in windsor with a couple of blokes i had gotten to know,when the phone rang and the guy whose house it was answered it.
    He was asked to come down and audition for a band to play drums.Now i knew this guy and he was’nt known as a great drummer so when he told us that it was for AC/DC we all freaked cause’ we had heard a fair bit about them. We thought that Phil did’nt really have much of a chance getting the gig, but we sent him off with our best wishes.
    Off he went, and have’nt spoken to him since.
    About a month later I went to Hard Rock Cafe (not the american version)
    It was on the corner of Flinders and spring st in Melbourne .
    AC/DC where playing the late slot starting at 1am which was late for the time.
    It was the first time i saw Angus doing the string flicking and he just went on forever.
    Bon was going nuts and Phil was just pumping away,not trying anything fancy, and it worked!
    The basement where they played only held about 100 jam packed so it was great to see them with only 60 or so punters.(most people were on the other three floors getting smashed and doin’rude things as not a lot of people had heard of them)
    They were very raw,but they rocked!!And loud!YEAH BABY!!
    Anyway,It was great to bump in to your blog,keep up the good work.
    Shane Laffy

  30. hola lucas ese seria mi sueño que quizas alguna vez pueda cumplir visitar su tumba y los lugares por donde anduvo Bon se que algun dia ire por alli y beberemos unas cervezas juntos abrazos …pablo

  31. “my life is fire my life is snow i lived my life for rock and roll. if you remember me , if you remember Bon then i have made my mark I have made my path” I think it is great that Bon is getting all the attention he so long deserved. I heard AC/DC the first time with the Back in Black album while in highschool. I was blown away by the power and rhythm of that album but it wasnt untill later that I heard AC/DC original works with Bon Scott. I become a instant fan. I always have wondered what would have happened had he survived that dreadfull night in feb 1980 but like so many increadible performers, Jimmy Hendrix, Janice Joplin, Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, they left before their time but left us so much to remember them by. Perhaps that is why we hold them so dearly to our hearts, they gave so much yet left far to soon. they remain forever young, locked in the hight of their fame for us the remember them. I honestly cannot think of any group who has survived such a loss as Bon Scott and continue to become one of the greated rock bands in history. It shows the talent and dedication of the original band members to continue on and to find a perfect fit to fill in the void left by Bon. Bryan has done a increadible job of continueing the legacy that is AC/DC. I hope the new album is classic AC/DC. In the immortal words writtin so long ago
    “Ride on Ride on” . For those of us who love AC/DC thanks for all the memories, for all the songs, and for keeping rock and roll the way it is supposed to be. thanks jimmy d.

  32. Hi Lucas !

    I am a huge fan of Bon Scott, as you can see by my nickname, and I am a diligent reader of your blog, which brings me the joy, I am far from Australia and wanting to know everything about the Bon Scott Project, a big thank you to you who maintaining by these pages, worship and the memory of Bon

    Would like to suggest, If you want, 2 sites for the links section:

    And the first french webzine devoted to AC/DC


  34. Hey Badboyboogie and LKR great to see you lads are onboard here, this is an awesome forum and I hope to see you on here loads. Much love Queenie xx

  35. Lucas! I can’t believe this riot of fun that has been the BSB and BSP are almost over! I don’t want it to end and I’m sure there are more than a few folks out there that agree with me. You’ve done a superb job, thanks!

  36. Thanks Susann and Carolyn! Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere just yet! There are quite a few more things for me to upload from my rollercoaster bon-ride, so stay tuned.

    The blog will stay online, hopefully forever! And if I get too busy to post things, you can always come and play in the comments here, or else email me stories or pictures and I’ll put em up!

  37. We started taking it all down at FAC today.
    Well done to all the artist’s, blog contributors, FAC’ers and Lucas for making this a great project to be part of,


  38. Great news, Lucas, about this awesome blog continuing. Thanks, you can bet us hardcore fans will be “bonning” into infinity!

    Eli, thanks to FAC for honoring Bon so well. And that request to “take it on the road” still stands! Lucas, now that you have Bon-loving friends all over the world, you could be busy with Bon for quite some time.

    Thanks to all my fellow bloggers, too, loved your insights.


  39. Bueno lucas todo llega a su fin y no tendre palabras de agradecimiento a tan impostante evento desde ya muchas gracias por todo aca en Argentina tenes un amigo mas cuiando gustes mi hogar esta abierto un gran abrazo y let there be bon …pablo

  40. Lucas! you’ve made my day – several of them! I’m so glad the Bonny-Blog isn’t going to just vanish! Don’t worry, I’ll keep looking and putting my two cents in. Thanks so much for all you’ve done. I’m looking forward to more posts!

  41. Susann, I’m looking forward to many more of your delightful thoughts on the “sexiest man who has ever walked the face of the earth, bar none.” You seem to be on exactly the same wavelength as me when it comes to Bon.

  42. Carolyn, never fear, I’ll be babbling on about that sexiest man,,, ’til waaay after the stars dim and the sun goes super nova. We are absolutely on the same wavelength, so much so that it’s eerie sometimes, where our Bonny Scott is concerned.

  43. Hello,
    more than 28 years further..but Bon Scott is still alive for me!! he is still my hero,he made me believe in the hardrockworld……his death hurted me a lot,still can,t believe it that he has gone!! It,s srtange but AC/DC is my band no matter what happens with the world.AC/DC is MY LIFE!!!! Greetings from Holland.Jon

  44. Hey Lucas, this is my first time here on the Bon Scott blogg and i,m not a person to send any comment on what ever, but this is great,a Bon Scott wish is hmm yes finally Bon Scott!!Greetings from


  45. AC/DC at READING FESTIVAL this time next year to close World Tour?
    Makes sence, either that or Download. i feel Reading, as they are organising a look like Angus competion at this weekends fest.
    I’ve loved AC/DC since i was 8 or 9? (1978). A band like no other!
    Bon Scott is the Worlds greatest frontman!! UK’s Classic Rock magazine were so right. Industry and readers voting Bon above the greats: Robert Plant and Freddy.
    Let hope DC play lots of old stuff on their new tour. Album is called BLACK ICE as im sure you now know. Lets hope it back to the thundering roller BACK IN BLACK was. Best we can do with Johnson.
    No more dud albums please. Hell aint a bad place to be!!
    cheers all .Steve C. London.

  46. Hi,

    Please, check out the new webzine no 4 devoted to AC/DC, a webzine special Bon Scott, his life and few concert are detailed completely…Unpublished photos are also present !

    The Link :

    I hope that you will take as much pleasure to read as much as we took pleasure in doing so

    And please would like to suggest, If you want, 2 sites for the links section:

    And the first french webzine devoted to AC/DC

    With best regards,

    Arnaud / Bon Scott Rawpowerâ„¢

  47. Thanks for keeping Bon’s memory alive. He sure was a legend, even when he was around. I listened to Carry Me Home last nite, the song is so-so but Bon totally rips it!

    I did a acoustic cover of Rock n roll damnatio,n if anyone is interested, see my webpage.

  48. Great to find this blog about Bon Scott. I am a big fan and saw him perform live here in the States. I live in Charleston, South Carolina, USA and our city is well-known for having an actor/singer named Rob Liotti living here who performs as Bon Scott. Now I have seen the Elvis impersonators and muck like that, but this guy is the real deal and is spot on with his vocals and act. The band is called T.N.T. The Official AC/DC Tribute. I have seen them about a half dozen times. To be honest, it is strange to close your eyes and hear what you think is Bon Scott. Gave me chills a couple times really. But, he is a regular bloke and makes it a point to talk with his fans as much as possible from what I have seen. Kind of cool seeing someone keep the legend alive as it were that far away from Australia and right here where I live. I recently checked out their page at . Hope that is right folks. Ride on…

  49. Hey Lucas it’s Ashley from Scotland. Just wanted to let you know me & my dad (Bill) went to see AC/DC just at the end of June.
    Was absolutley amazing. Mail me if you want me to send you some pics.
    Got really good ones 🙂 Your blog is doing really well.


  50. I was a sheltered kid growing up, and very anti-social; okay, I listened to Boston. Everyone around me was into hard rock, including my brother. I never heard the new “Highway to Hell” album that just came out, but I thought it would make a great Christmas gift for my bro. After hearing it a few times, I was never more consumed by anything more in my entire life. I have been set ablaze by it ever since and have been a Bon Scott fan for life. Bon died some 2 months after my discovery of hard rock(thru AC/DC, of course), and I was devastated. I bought up all their albums(AC/DC),and to this day, remain a dedicated fan. Forever, Bon

  51. Hi – good stuff. I am a huge fan of AC DC too – Their CD from 2008, Black Ice was amazing and showed that these guys are still alive and well. Maiden is in there as well – I couldn’t be more excited for the tour this summer! Are you planning on going to see it? Anyhow… nice blog – I’m subscribed to your feed now so I’ll check in more often!

  52. Hey there
    I’m probabily the biggest Bon fan in Italy, but I just don’t know one very important thing about my dearest

    Do you know if Bon supported any football team?
    A Scottish one? Rangers, Dundee, Dundee United….

    I sooooo would love to know

    Thanks in advance, Roger
    Bon’s my day and nite

  53. well hi there roger;

    as back in bons day; perth from where bon grew up here in australia had no major team… so all things considered he may have supported collingwood…

  54. bon was the magic. gods gift to us. by performing for us, trying to make us happy he payed the ultimate price. we should be thankful for that. vince is great. his story showing us real bon scott. Thanks vince. AND THANK YOU BON FOR EVERYTHING. THANKS FOR MADE MY LIFE BETTER. vanja, belgrade, serbia

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