simmo with banner

Simmo, Fremantle-mega-fan, seen here collecting his Bon Scott Project Vinyl Banner. Simmo was the first to line up for the banner after the exhibition closed last weekend.

Robyn, marketing guru from the Fremantle Arts Centre, said she was surprised that the banner lasted until the end of the show. Some similar banners had been pinched in the dead of night by enthusiastic fans eager for the ultimate souvenir…

Robyn said:

Simmo was chuffed and even donated $10 to the Arts Centre. He assured me he hadn’t taken any of the other banners but did admit he’d thought about it. He’s got big plans for that banner, and I think it includes a pilgrimage to many Bon Scott sites around Freo.

Onya, Simmo!



Night fell on the Claremont Showgrounds. The Party Boys were on stage. Through the speakers came the first unmistakable clang of an AC/DC riff. The crowd went absolutely nuts. We’re talking stampede, fists pumping the air, with either a single index finger pointing to heaven, or else the index-and-little-finger “rock on!!” combo.

During the course of the day, all the bands I saw perform (Rose Tattoo, Noiseworks, The Angels, The Screaming Jets) had played original songs. Jackie, of the mother-daughter combo we had met earlier, had a theory about this.

“You know why?” she said. “Think about it. Everyone’s playing their own songs. Nobody is playing AC/DC tracks. Why do you reckon that is? Well, think about it! Who do you think might be coming on stage later as “special guests?!”

She gave me a significant look.
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