We still miss ya, Bon

article from west

30 years since we lost you. Clearly, you’re not – at all – forgotten.

As well as the article from today’s West Australian newspaper above (thanks for sending it through, mum!), another great tribute appeared in the Powerhouse Museum’s blog today, here (thanks to Greg for the tip-off).

Wish I were in Fremantle.

2 thoughts on “We still miss ya, Bon”

  1. rumour has it ac/dc will have a publicity photo shoot at the statue!!!

    my guess is it will be staked out 24 hours a day man!!!

    im on a tight budget but i will try to be in perth within a week or so …haha i dont wanna miss this;

  2. bit of a rumour update here!!!

    it would seem almost impossible for ac/dc members to visit the statue without causing a huge ruckus… almost but not totally…

    brians quote is: we intend to do somthing less morbid;…..

    so at a guess the cemetary is out of question…

    he also mentioned graeme and bons 2 nephews…(buggers me why)

    so it would seem they intend to mention bon onstage in an “honourable” manner…

    i think i just heard bon cuss!!!

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