A Crocheted Bon From the Mailbag…

bon and angus crochet art

Every now and again, some gold comes through the mailbox at ye olde Bon Scott Blog. Here’s a case in point – Lee an artist who is 35% through the process of crocheting an image of Bon and Angus in full flight. Amazing work, Lee!

Here’s Lee’s fabulous dramatisation of the work in progress (right) as compared with how it will be when it’s finished (left):

bon and angus 35 percent

In other words, a slow reveal from bottom to top. Lee, we look forward to further updates as the work moves along!

(I reproduce Lee’s email to me below)

Hi Lucas!

Fellow Acca Dacca fan from Canberra here!
I stumbled across your blog after a bit of surfing and think it’s wonderful that fans such as yourself are commited to preserving all that is Bon and keeping us up to date on any happenings!

I just thought i’d drop you a note to say “well done!” on the site and to let you know that i’m doing my part in keeping Bon’s spirit and memory alive and well!
I’m a fiber artist and work with wool to create crocheted portraits and when I spotted the pic of Bon & Angus at the Marquee, London, 1976 in the book ‘AC/DC Maximum Rock & Roll’ by Murray Englehart – straight away I thought it would make a great piece!

I’m only 35% of the way in but it’s shaping up quite nicely!

It measures just over a metre wide, and when it’s finished I dare say it will be around 2 metres high!

Hope this finds you well and once again, cracking site!!
Lee ^__^

UPDATE! 24 November 2009:

The crochet Bon/Angus has now reached 50% completion!

bon angus 50 percent

[UPDATE! It’s finished! see here…]

10 thoughts on “A Crocheted Bon From the Mailbag…”

  1. This is GREAT blog.
    I love AC/DC, but with Bon was really something special and unique.
    Really glad that there are people who cultivate the memory and genius of Bon Scot.
    As he said the tattoo on his hand-Scot-land Forever.
    Thanks friend.
    Greetings from Polish

  2. hello lucas, how are you? I’ve saw the show ac dc black ice, here in Argentina and it was fantastic. I have no words to describe it. I took good pictures that you can see on my flickr. My friend a big hug for you and you know I’m always present. let there be Bon

  3. Very impressive, Lee. Of all the pictures you could have chosen from, you sure picked a great one. That is going to be one awesome piece!

    Rock on Bon

  4. woops! sorry Lee, I must have been asleep at the wheel.

    Here’s those amazing pictures you sent:

    lee with finished crochet

    closeup of crochet

    Lee – what will you do with it, now that it’s all complete?

  5. wow fantastic piece of art lee,congrats.you should do a series of them.the famous bon leer is one that springs to mind

  6. Thanks Jon!

    After much ‘umming’ and ‘errring’ I don’t think I can come to part with it now -_^!
    A series of pieces would be awesome – think i’ll add it to my to-do list -_^!

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