Art Project Pays Homage to Bon Scott

abc tv vodcast

Lots of media coverage this weekend! Thanks to Jon for sending through the link to this video clip that appeared on ABC TV Stateline on Friday night.

As you can see from the screengrab above, the Hamilton Hill Clan is featured. The TV cameraman has done a great little piece of trick photography in their AC/DC den – one after the other the family members pop into the picture miraculously! Worth watching just for that! (And also for the bit when the ever-polite Jasmin exclaims “Look how hairy his chest is!!” he he…)

[PS: Anyone got any tips about how to capture/download that video?]

2 thoughts on “Art Project Pays Homage to Bon Scott”

  1. Hola vi el video realmente por lo que se ve esta todo muy bueno un abrazo y mantenganme informado de todo saludos pablo

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