(Not) Peter Russell Clarke

At ABC Radio National, Jasmin, Cecilia and I sat for a radio interview with Amanda Smith. It was broadcast yesterday, and here is a podcast of it! Personally, I don’t think I come across as particularly entertaining in this one. I dunno, maybe all my energy was consumed by the pint-size ocker chef we had just thrillingly encountered…

But it’s worth listening to, if only for the pieces of audio heritage that Amanda has managed to dig up: Bon singing with Fraternity, and a sound grab from an interview he did in the late 1970s… You’ll note that the podcast is currently a long audio file featuring other interviews besides our one about Bon (including a short and worthy homage to the recently deceased art legend Robert Rauschenberg…) scroll to about half way through to hear our bit…

(Sooner or later, that audio file will be removed from the ABC page. When that happens, try listening to it here instead…)

Oh, and thanks to the ever-vigilant Jon for this oddball one – your chance to vote for Bon as “hottest of the hot” Aussie Blokes… (Although it looks like simply being alive has helped Hugh Jackman surge ahead of Bon for the moment…)

And finally, cheers and thanks to everyone who read and emailed me about the article, Bon To Rule by Iain Shedden, in the Australian Newspaper over the weekend. The blog-as-art is getting a good outing these past few weeks eh!

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