megan in her custom t shirt

We spotted a girl with a home-made Bon Scott T shirt. “Quick, give me one of those cards with your blog address on it!” Mish said. And with that, she had joined the team.

She darted forward and tapped the girl on the shoulder, breathlessly blurting out: “Hi I’m Michelle and this is Lucas and he’s an artist from Sydney doing a blog all about Bon Scott and it’s really great and he’s writing about fans like you and can he take your photo and put it up on the web?” She was into it, of course. How could she refuse a request like that? Her name is Megan.

Megan was there with her husband Kim, but they’d left their six year old son at home. “Maybe soon he’ll be big enough to come to concerts, but not yet,” she said. Megan had doctored the front of her shirt, so instead of reading “I HEART BOYS IN UNIFORM” it read “I HEART BOYS IN BANDS”. Although she was the one with the customised Bon Scott shirt, Kim is the real fan. He’s got tons of memorabilia on display in his domestic shrine to Bon. I told Kim about Bec’s photographic project. He said he’s already seen her ad in the local news, and will definitely get in touch with her…