Crabsody in Blue

The Bon Scott Project is almost “officially” over. The exhibition will come down at the Fremantle Arts Centre after this weekend, and my stint as the Bon Scott Blogger will be finished.

But the funny thing is, although I’ve been working on the Bon Scott Blog for six months, there’s still heaps to discover. For instance, a while back, Terese, from the Hamilton Hill Clan, was raving on to me about Bon’s song “Crabsody in Blue”, which I had never heard. And for good reason – the song was excluded from the international editions of the album “Let there be Rock” – and it’s not easy to find the original Aussie edition. I had to hunt the track down, ahem, “on the net”…

And it was well worth the search. It’s been stuck in my head for days now! A great little blues number with Bon’s cheeky and somewhat puerile lyrics. Who else writes songs about pubic lice?

I was listening to this song, turned up loud, in the kitchen last night with my girlfriend. “It’s really catchy,” she observed. And that’s just it. Bon’s songs about sexually transmitted infections are, themselves, “catchy”. Genius – form and content gloriously interwoven.

In other news, stuff keeps coming through from the fans!

Bill, for instance, sent me through this email:

hi Lucas,

Not sure if you would mind/be willing to help us spread the word for this poll/contest, but my AC/DC Tribute band (LIVE WIRE from New York) has the opportunity to return to South America again this coming August for a big festival/concert there. We’re currently in 2nd place, and need dedicated AC/DC Fanatics votes help to push us to the top.

The site is in Spanish, but the voting is right over to the right hand side of the website. please vote for LIVE WIRE AC/DC tribute here:


Happy to oblige, Bill. Readers, get over there and vote. You don’t want an Iron Maiden tribute band beating an acca dacca tribute, do ya??

And finally: early next week I’ll be announcing a limited edition piece of merchandise for you to acquire! I’m just trying to set up a paypal account to deal with the inevitable onslaught of online purchasing which will no doubt ensue…