The guys rent a warehouse…

acdc warehouse dream

My first AC/DC dream.

The guys rent a warehouse in Sydney. It’s relatively cheap and a lot of space. They take the whole floor, and keep it free for whenever they’re in town. The warehouse is shared with a group of feminist architects. This is during the Bon era. They set to work insulating it for soundproofing. I don’t know what my role is in all this, I seem to be hanging around a lot. Maybe I also have a space to work in the warehouse.

AC/DC only come in on Sundays for rehearsals at first, but later they start to occupy the whole warehouse more and more.

There are a lot of people hanging around, maybe its a bit like Warhol’s factory. Angus, as it turns out, is also a really good DJ, he makes these melodic noise records which deafen and delight. They bring you to a frenzy and then stop just as quickly with a cheesy mozart ending.

I am sitting at the warehouse kitchen table and reading a biography of AC/DC and I discover the following:

“Bon had all his trademark hair carefully shaved off and set into a wig which he wore religiously from that day forward, although he regretted telling anyone about losing his hair.”

The members of the band have a “wall of conquests” where they chalk up another line on the 5-bar-gate whenever they sleep with a girl. Bon is clearly in the lead but I am surprised to see that Malcolm isn’t far behind. To the right of the individual scores is an aggregate tally for the whole band.

One time, sitting around the kitchen table, the entire warehouse collective is trying to write a manifesto or a press release. One of the lines is “if you’re coming to visit us in the morning, make sure you bring up at least ten coffees, they will never go to waste.” It occurs to me, sitting at the table, that it’s strange to have a feminist architecture group sharing with the band. But they all seem to get along pretty well…