A Ghostly Apparition!

apparition of Bon Scott

A ghostly apparition (albeit a rather zany one) of Bon Scott has been spotted under “the new bridge” in Fremantle.

I raced down on my bike to shoot the above snap. The apparition seems to glow in the dark. When I went back the next day, I took some closer shots:

bon scott apparition daylight

Maybe it’s painted with luminescent paint? Here’s another day shot:

apparition daytime

If you wanna go check it out, here’s the location on google maps.

5 thoughts on “A Ghostly Apparition!”

  1. Lock up your daughters (or mothers!) The ghost of Bon is back in town…don’t you mess him round!

  2. I´ve been listening to AC/DC since 10 years old….now I´m 40….next 27-October I´ll watch per second time their show here in Brazil….

    Ionly would like to say that this band helps me to be a man of honor, honest, trully…and got Balls!!!!


    Anselmo – minervapop.blogspot.com

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