Rhonda and Bernice Vernice

rhonda and bernice
[Vernice and Rhonda. (Not Bernice and Rhonda, as I had thought). Thanks to Kara-Lee for clarification… ]

OK, I have to start out with an apology. It was late in the day by the time we met Rhonda and Vernice, and my memory has totally packed it in. Hmm. Lets see what I can dredge up.

The sun had disappeared, that much you can tell from looking at the photo itself. I seem to remember Mish getting worried that we hadn’t spoken to enough women. It was something she was conscious of all day, being in such a male environment.

In fact, even before she arrived at the concert, Mish sent me this message from the train:

This is such a
boys own thing.
There are a
bunch of middle
class men with
their sons. One
is wearing an
acca dacca shirt.
No women to be

So when we spotted Rhonda and Vernice sitting on the grass, Mish decided to even up the gender balance and go chat with them.

But what did we talk about? Help me Rhonda Mish, if you’re out there!

4 thoughts on “Rhonda and Bernice Vernice”

  1. Hmm.. It’s true I was going for the gender balance with this one (although reading through the posts, I reckon we had the balance anyway. It must have been the patriarchal nature of the event that threw my balance radar out of whack!).

    These ladies had come come with their children sans partners. The lady with the hat was very passionate about Acca Dacca. She said that numbers were very much down from last years concert, and thought it was due to the increase in ticket prices. She said it was disappointing.

    When I bumped into her at the end of the concert, she was hoarse from the amount of singing she was doing!

    The other lady was enjoying herself as well, and made the comment that the other band members from ACDC were probably too busy with children and families (like her and her peers) to be touring. She was basically making that ‘older and wiser’ statement or ‘not as young as they used to be’ association between herself and aging rockers.

  2. my Name is Kara-Lee and iam so stoked at seeing my mum (Bernice) and her friend Rhonda on here. Ive printed off the artical to keep so i can show my son when he is older the only problem i have with the Artical is that you mis spelt my mums name. it isnt Bernice, her name is actually Vernice spelt with a ‘V’ instead of a ‘B’

  3. Thanks Kara-Lee! Sorry for the spelling mistake, I’ll fix it up now. By the way, did we meet you at the concert? I think we also met Ashleigh and Shannon, who were (correct me if I’m wrong) Vernice and Rhonda’s daughters … Are you the one with the customised shirt in this photo here?

  4. Thanks for fixing up that mistake, Yes you met Ashleigh and Shannon, Ashleigh being my sister and Vernices Daughter. No you didnt meet me as i was at home with my son but i did lend Rhonda the ACDC shirt she is wearing in the photo.

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