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  1. Don Coleman, Canada’s Premiere AC/DC Vocalist, recorded the song “Women, Whiskey & Rock’n’Roll (celebrating the life and spirit of Bon Scott)”. It has been getting airplay around the world.

    It has aired on over 50 stations in Australia; in the USA in Ohio, Minnesota and Louisiana (soon to be on in Texas); in Canada on KRock in PEI, Big John FM in St. John, NB, C103 in Moncton, NB, CBC Moncton (Provincially) and CBC Radio 3 (Nationally), CKLN in Toronto, thatradio in Toronto, iRock in Ottawa, CKIQ in Iqaluit; in England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany and several Scandinavian countries.

    The latest broadcast, last Sunday, was on a Network that broadcast the song to 12 countries at the same time. It aired right after Airbourne and got a better ‘follow up’ from the DJ. It has also been chosen by AC/DC on their website and has been the #1 video there with over 6700 viewings in the last 6 weeks at – www(dot)acdc.com/fromtheband . You can also listen to the song at the dedicated site at – www(dot)myspace.com/doncoleman.

    Lots of great press globally plus a request for a copy of the song came from long time bassist for Ozzy Osbourne, Bob Daisley who also was a friend of Bon. It has been well received by all of Australia’s ‘cream of the crop’ Legends who knew Bon and said he’d love it because ” It’s a Ripper”.

  2. Bravo Carolyn te felicito viste lo que se siente es una sensacion emocional muy buena cuando vez el cartel a mi me sucedio lo mismo que seas feliz un abrazo desde ARGENTINA

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