text bon

OK, here’s the lowdown. From 17th of May to 29th of June 2008, you can send an SMS text message to Bon Scott!

Well, sort of. You can send it to little ole me, and then I will select the best ones to go up on the Fremantle Welcome LED sign, to be seen by thousands of motorists as they pour over the bridge into Fremantle!

Bon rests in peace in the Fremantle cemetery, just five minutes drive from the sign.

What’s more, each day, a digital photo will be taken of that day’s chosen message, and it’ll be put on display in the Bon Scott Project Exhibition at the Fremantle Arts Centre. I’ll also post em up here on the blog!

So don’t miss your chance to contribute to this historic event.

Here’s the rules:

*Make it short (the sign can only display 21 characters wide by 4 lines high – if you go over this limit, don’t worry, I’ll fix it up and make it fit for you, so don’t sweat it too much).

*Any language is fine (so all you Spaniards and Argentinians who I know are reading this, don’t feel you have to bust your culo to translate your message. In the afterlife, there are no language barriers.)

*If you’re in Australia, text this number: 0423 745 736. If you are texting internationally, then try this number (61) 423 745 736. (You’ll have to do whatever you need to send international texts from your country). Alternatively, email em to me: lucas[at]bonscottblog[dot]com, or leave a comment below!

*umm, are there any more rules? (I hereby reserve the right to make up more rules as I go along…)

*oh yeah, here’s one! they only have CAPITAL LETTERS!

*and I keep thinking of more rules: can you make sure that along with your message, you send me your name (or pseudonym) and where in the world you are sending your message from? And your age, if you want!

-Lucas The Bon Scott Blogger