Bon’s Letters a big hit…

letters crowd

More documentation from the Bon Scott Project Exhibition is still trickling through. Here are some great photos from the launch night showing the crowd fascinated with Bon’s letters. At one stage I noticed the door had to be shut, and people could come in only when someone else went out.

In the low light, I cranked up the shutter speed of my camera and tried to get a few close-ups of people engrossed in the letters. So here they are:
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Best Roadie Ever

darcy and gabby
[Darcy and Gabby at home in Warburton, Victoria…]

Our last port of call in Victoria was Warburton, out in the Yarra Valley. Katie and I hired a car. We hacked our way through a lot of seriously un-picturesque suburbs before bursting into the lush valley. It was a great relief after the heat and the endless din of the Melbourne Grand Prix to feel a light breeze, to hear cicadas in the trees.

But we didn’t really hear any cicadas til after we arrived. For the drive, I’d brought a few AC/DC albums to get us in the mood. I put on “Let There Be Rock” and we drummed on the dashboard (Katie) and the steering wheel (me) all the way to Warburton. We were going to meet a real rock-n-roll roadie…
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Let There Be Cherry Rock

cherry rock sign
[Sign displayed on the wall at Cherry Rock…]

Have I mentioned how amazing this job of mine is? The people I get to meet!!

On the weekend Katie and I went to Melbourne to chase down some of Bon’s old old friends. And, in a way, to meet Bon himself.

Katie is curating an exhibition of letters written by Bon Scott, which will be displayed in Fremantle in May. The rest of the Bon Scott Project will contain interpretations of the life and work and culture and mythology surrounding Bon. It’ll be interpretations by artists, who (like me) you can pretty much rely on to put their own spin on things.

But this letters exhibition is important. When you enter the room filled with his letters, it will no longer be Bon “as seen by others”. It won’t even be pictures of Bon, taken by others. It will be Bon himself, speaking to you in his own words.

We jumped off the plane and took a cab straight to Cherry Rock. Cherry is a marketing, branding, PR and rockband management company run by a fellow called James Young (no relation to Malcolm and Angus). James’ claim to fame (at least from our point of view) was that he bought a whole swag of Bon’s letters when they went to auction two years ago. These things are pretty valuable, so we weren’t sure if James would be willing to part with them.
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LED Sign is GO!

LED sign
[Click on the photo to see it larger…]

I’m happy to report that the LED sign is all systems go!

Marisa from Fremantle Arts Centre went down to the spot where the old bridge comes into Freo and took this snap for me. (Thanks to Pic Lee and John from the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce for punching the message into the system.)

Right now I am in Melbourne with Katie, the curator of the Bon Scott Letters exhibition. We’ve been meeting some amazing old friends of Bon’s from the 1960s and 1970s. Some of them have kindly agreed to let her display some of Bon’s letters, postcards and Christmas cards in the exhibition in May.

The letters are funny, insightful, cheeky and sometimes a bit sad. Stay tuned for the full story.