Guest blogger chimes in!

Simon Meli with Lizzie
[Simon Meli with Lizzie at the Bon Scott Tribute Night]

I’ve been in Western Australia for the last week, so I missed out on the Sydney Bon Scott Tribute Night at the Vanguard Hotel.

But my roving reporters Lizzie and Jessie bravely went along on my behalf! Lizzie even had the guts to request a performance of She’s Got the Jack, a song she originally thought was just plain silly. Well, she still thinks it’s silly, it’s just that she can’t stop humming it now.

You can read Lizzie’s entertaining report on her night out with Bon here.

Oh, and if you wanted MORE REVEALING photos of the Bon Scott Blogger’s alter-ego, “The Lightning Rod”, in action at the WA Air Guitar Championships, Sally has kindly sent some in!