Facca Dacca Rocks Out!

facca dacca

Apparently when the Bon Scott Project was announced, tribute bands from all around the world contacted the Fremantle Arts Centre (F.A.C.), offering to make their way to Freo at their own expense, and perform for free!

But the arts centre decided to form its own supergroup, called FAC/DC (or facca dacca), consisting of prominent members of Western Australian musicians. Here’s the lineup:

Bon – Clair French (Sure-Fire Midnights)
Angus – Dom Mariani (The Stems)
Malcolm – Steve Joines (The Kill Devil Hills)
Cliff – Vanessa Thornton (Jebediah)
Phil – Warren Hall (The M-16s)

See a classic “band photo” here.

Last night Jim picked me up and we drove down to a freezing warehouse in the meat processing district on the outskirts of Fremantle to see FAC/DC rehearse.

They’ll be performing at the launch on Friday night, and they’re still getting the song progressions together. I took a few little videos, but I can’t manage to upload em to youtube (sorry!) so you’ll have to be content with this photo above.

Facca Dacca was having a great time, especially Warren the drummer, who was grinning like an idiot as he bashed out the rhythm to “Jailbreak”. On his way to the fridge for another beer, Warren took a moment to declare: “I feel like a fourteen year old again!”

“Jailbreak”, it seems, is easier than “Whole Lotta Rosie”. Nobody was entirely sure how long Angus’ guitar solos were supposed to go for. So Claire pulled out her little ipod with speakers attached and they sat around listening to “the real thing”. And wow, if the song wasn’t just as damn powerful coming out of the tinny little speakers. Here’s a shot of Claire and Vanessa paying close attention to the ipod:

ipod whole lotta rosie

For the record, the guitar solos in “Whole Lotta Rosie” go for a REALLY long time.