Epic Rock

lord of the rings pic

You know how when you read an epic book, you sort of “re-live it” in your day to day life? I mean, lets say for example you’ve got The Lord of The Rings. The hobbits are making their way through the Mines of Moria, and you’re so damn absorbed you’ve lost all track of time. Then you look up for a moment, and reluctantly admit that you have to put down the book and go to work. But all day, even though you’re separated from the book, there is a “reality” in your own mind created by the “current goings-on” in the plot. You might be photocopying some documents, or pressing the “kerching!” button on the cash register, but in your head, you’re right there with those feisty little hobbits as they press ever-deeper into the bowels of that perilous mountain.

Well, I don’t want to blow this all out of proportion, but something similar has happened to me with AC/DC: Maximum Rock and Roll, by Murray Engleheart.
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