Dirt Cheap

dirty deeds cd on the bus to canberra

Following Damo’s advice, I went down to Pitt Street looking for “that bargain CD shop near where that vegetarian yum cha place used to be.” Damo had acquired the entire Bon-era back catalogue there at only ten bucks a pop. He said they were imports from Argentina or something. Who knows how the music distribution business works? It’s a mystery to me.

I found the place. It’s called “Dirt Cheap CDs”. Inside, the AC/DC section (which takes up a fair amount of shelf space) was crammed with Brian Johnson-era releases: Flick of the Switch, Fly on the Wall, Stiff Upper Lip etc. etc. (One of these day’s I’ll do an analysis on Acca Dacca album names, there certainly seems to be a pattern there…)

Dirt Cheap CDs only had one Bon-era album: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (1976). I figured given the name of the CD, the name of the shop, and the price of the item, it was meant to be. I asked the guy behind the counter if he had any more early AC/DC stuff. “Nah,” he said, “the computer says we’ve got 2 copies of Let There Be Rock, but I went looking for them earlier and I just can’t find them. They keep getting nicked.” Then he added hopefully: “But hey, you should check out some of the post-Bon era albums too, mate. They’re still pretty good!”
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