Fireside yarns from a laid-back Fan

Just don’t call me a “die-hard”, OK!

Cos I’ll take you to task live on radio (albeit in my own rather gentle way) as I did in this roooooolly laaaaaid baaaaack interview with Shamin from 2ser Radio Programme “The Fourth Estate”.

Sheesh, it sounds like we’re yarning over the first cup of coffee of the day – or rather, mine hasn’t quite arrived yet, I’m on half-speed but still trying to sound intelligent.

Have I become so confident in my new-found fandom that I’ve hit a plateau of complacency?

If you haven’t already seen the artworks in the Bon Scott Project Exhibition at Fremantle Arts Centre, the ones I refer to in this interview are Nat Paton’s self portrait, Stuart Bailey’s Merchandise Stall, and Cecilia Fogelberg’s little soft sculpture of Bon.

Listen to the interview here [mp3 file, 6mb, 6 min]

Phew, I think that’s nearly all the media coverage so far. There are a few more trickling through, notably a TV interview Katie Dyer and I did on Channel V. I’ll keep youse posted, when I next get outta bed…