Still Rocks Hard and Strong

laurie redsell LED sign

the following email from Laurie (Loz) explains it all…


I came across your blog page the other day when I was trawling the net for Bon Scott sites.

I read a little bit of it each day. I love it and you are a lucky x#@* to have had the experiences you have had writing it.

AC/DC are the best band ever but would be even better with Bon still out front.

I am 53yrs old and have been an AccaDacca fan forever. When I have parties in my bar, everyone always wants to put on the silly hats (which we do after we drink to much) and rock to AccaDacca. And the people that are rocking are middle age bankers and our young adult children. The kids love Bon like we do because his music has lived on through us and always will. My favourite song is Jailbreak, an OZ classic, with Bon at his best.

I travelled to Fremantle a couple of years ago and had some quiet moments at Bons grave. I will be back again soon to see his statue (and to visit the grave again).

I would love the following message to go up on the Message Board at Fremantle:

Bon Scott still rocks hard and strong
in the life of Laurie Redsell (Loz)
from Brisbane. R.I.P. Bon

If it does goes up could you let me know by email, photograph it and put it on your blogsite.

Also if it does go up I will be downloading the picture, blowing it up and putting in the bar beside Bons photograph and other assorted memorabilia.


Laurie Redsell
Brisbane, Qld.

Real Weird Science

biology LED sign

biology LED sign part two

In the middle of the night, my phone buzzed and this message came through from Dublin:

My biology
teacher taught
us about you
instead of real
science. Then
again you are
real science, real

It was too long to fit on one LED sign, so we spread it over two signs! Niall from Dublin, if you’re out there, we’d love to hear more about that biology teacher of yours!

Sorry the sign’s a bit difficult to read, on account of the bright wintery Perth sun! But you get a bonus blue truck thrown in for good luck, I suppose…

Shazbut Nanu Nanu!


No need to explain this one, I hope!

Most of the LED messages which have come through for the Fremantle Welcome Sign have been from fans, far flung around the world, directly addressing Bon Scott himself.

This message, however, seems to be a reply to the fans from Bon.

Somehow, where-ever he is (perhaps in some alternative rock-n-roll dimension) Bon managed to hack the system and send thru this mysterious intergalactic greeting…

(actually, I must extend thanks to Brian Bitter for this one…)

Welcome Weary Travellers

welcome weary travellers

Today’s LED welcome sign message comes from none other than Ben Scott, the lovechild who has stamped his presence all over this blog. This sign makes good use of the fact that the big red LED sign is a “welcome sign” for cars which stream over the bridge from the north, into the heart of Fremantle. It is also a reference to the many passionate fans who make their pilgrimage to Fremantle to visit Bon Scott at his graveside… Thanks Ben!

A message from Dubbo

kearan's LED sign message
[Kearan’s message – click on the picture to see a larger size…]


My father is a die hard AC/DC fan and even moreso a Bon Scott fan. Nothing would make him happier than getting a message up on your sign, even though he can’t be there to attend the concert. If I was able to get you the message, is there any chance you could photograph the sign for me as it displays?

Kind regards,

Mitch, your wish is my command! I love the idea of a message coming all the way from Dubbo

Keep sending the messages folks, details about how to do it are here.

It’s a Long Way to the Shops

sausage roll LED sign

The latest message to go up on the Fremantle LED Welcome Sign! Thanks to Chris, and several other anonymous folks who texted me suggesting this absurd truism, this piece of great Aussie folklore (it’s even enshrined on wikipedia!)

At first I thought it was too silly, too obvious, too dumb to put up on the big screen.

But then I said to myself: “C’mon Lucas, how often do you get the chance to do something as enormously silly as this?”

And so I sent it on through.

I can’t imagine what passing motorists would have made of this message, given that the sign usually says “Please Keep Fremantle Tidy” and so on.

-Still chuckling (and safely back in Sydney now!)
Lucas, the Bon Scott Blogger


text bon

OK, here’s the lowdown. From 17th of May to 29th of June 2008, you can send an SMS text message to Bon Scott!

Well, sort of. You can send it to little ole me, and then I will select the best ones to go up on the Fremantle Welcome LED sign, to be seen by thousands of motorists as they pour over the bridge into Fremantle!

Bon rests in peace in the Fremantle cemetery, just five minutes drive from the sign.

What’s more, each day, a digital photo will be taken of that day’s chosen message, and it’ll be put on display in the Bon Scott Project Exhibition at the Fremantle Arts Centre. I’ll also post em up here on the blog!

So don’t miss your chance to contribute to this historic event.

Here’s the rules:

*Make it short (the sign can only display 21 characters wide by 4 lines high – if you go over this limit, don’t worry, I’ll fix it up and make it fit for you, so don’t sweat it too much).

*Any language is fine (so all you Spaniards and Argentinians who I know are reading this, don’t feel you have to bust your culo to translate your message. In the afterlife, there are no language barriers.)

*If you’re in Australia, text this number: 0423 745 736. If you are texting internationally, then try this number (61) 423 745 736. (You’ll have to do whatever you need to send international texts from your country). Alternatively, email em to me: lucas[at]bonscottblog[dot]com, or leave a comment below!

*umm, are there any more rules? (I hereby reserve the right to make up more rules as I go along…)

*oh yeah, here’s one! they only have CAPITAL LETTERS!

*and I keep thinking of more rules: can you make sure that along with your message, you send me your name (or pseudonym) and where in the world you are sending your message from? And your age, if you want!

-Lucas The Bon Scott Blogger