“Not knowing who else to speak to about this”…

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Some amusing messages have been trickling into the mailroom of the Bon Scott Blog lately. Here’s one – from Damien in Melbourne, who plays with a band called “The Bon Scotts”. I love the honesty of Damien’s introduction. Although named after the great frontman, Damien writes that the band sounds “almost nothing like AC/DC.” Brave move, Damien! I wonder what happens when die-hard rock fans come along to your gigs expecting (what? an accadacca Bon Scott era tribute band?) and instead are faced with your finely modulated sensitive pop melodies!

One can only imagine.

Anyway, dear readers, decide for yourselves! Let a thousand flowers bloom, I say!

Here’s Damien’s email:

Hi Lucas

I am a Melbourne musician and about four years ago we put together a group called The Bon Scotts. We sound almost nothing like AC/DC.

However, when we called ourselves The Bon Scotts, it was around the time of the The band craze, The Von Bondies, The Vines, The Hives and The Strokes… Anyway, you get my point. My band and I felt that these bands were stealing something from rock, forgetting about the fun, cheeky side of rock n’roll. Something I think Bon Scott personified, from his humour in his lyrics and the way he would smile at the camera during film clips and live footage.

In our opinion, Bon Scott was one of, if not the single most iconic Australian rock star, I grew up in a county town where almost everyone listened to AC/DC, my first high school band used to cover a few songs. The were independent of major labels, cared little for the trends of the time and wrote damn catchy songs, with clever hooks and fantastic rhythms.

Not knowing who else to speak to about this, I thought, you being the Bon Scott blogger might want to know that we mean absolutely no offence, or dishonour the great man.

We are going to put a blog up about the idea behind the name. I can send you a link when it is up…



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