Happy Birthday Bon!

bon scott tram tour

Just in time for Bon’s 63rd birthday, a new “Bon Scott heritage tram tour” has been launched in Fremantle.

My brother sent through the above article from the West Australian Newspaper. There’s an online version here.

The tour will no doubt be a “must-do” for fans who visit the great singer’s dirty ole town. I imagine these tours might get a bit raucous at times…

Anyway, all the best to you old man. I hope if accadacca are gigging tonight they raise a glass for you.

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7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Bon!”

  1. Hi Pablo, have you heard of Ronnie Scott?

    Please check: godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message876924/pg1

    Their page is labonfire.com

    It is an amazing amazing tribute to Bon Scott. Voice, looks.

    Great band too.

    Please let me know what you think??

  2. well it seems the “alledged” last person to see bon alive is missing presumed murdered…

    now i never actually believed his ever changing versions of events from that night…

    matter of fact i only believe what members of ac/dc have said…

    anyways… back to mr kinnear; i wonder now when he will re appear and offer the real truth story to the world press for a few million bucks…haha

    when angus speaks of bon sending his enemies cards in the mail… i eventually found out who he was talkin bout!!!

  3. saddly Fremantle Bon Scott Tram Tours need to research their information a little better they have been giving inaccurate info on where he lived.

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