A Bon Memorial in Dulwich?

This turned up on Facebook recently: a campaign to get a heritage icon plaque placed outside the house where Bon died on that cold morning back in 1980. Sounds like a good idea, read on to see how you can help the Londoners’ cause…

On 19 February 1980 Bon died outside 67 Overhill Road, East Dulwich. Help us persuade the London Borough Council of Southwark to create a plaque as a lasting tribute to Bon’s life.

We want to get a blue plaque placed at 67 Overhill Rd, Dulwich. To mark the deathplace of Bon Scott.

Here’s a pre-written request if you find you’re stuck with something fitting to write:

“Dear Sir/Madam

It is my understanding that Southwark Council are requesting votes for icons deserving of a blue plaque to be placed in their honour within the borough.

I and others like me would request that you consider a plaque for the legendary lead singer and lyricist of Australian hard rock band AC/DC who tragically died outside 67 Overhill Road in East Dulwich on 19 February 1980.

We feel Bon is deserving of this reward due to his outstanding contribution to music and is dearly loved and missed by his many fans around the world. This would be a fitting tribute to the life he led.

Yours sincerely

Then email that to>>>


7 thoughts on “A Bon Memorial in Dulwich?”

  1. A memorial to Bon at that site is long overdue.

    By the way, May 2, 2009 is Bon Scott Day in his birthplace of Kirriemuir, Scotland. I understand that all sorts of festivities are planned in Bon’s honor.

  2. I went to honour Bon at his deathplace on his 30th anniversary and i knew of only 5 people who visited, including myself, and i am appealing for more people to come and pay their respects on every anniversary
    it is not difficult to get there if you live in and around london.
    only 15 minutes on foot from east dulwich station or 5 minutes on the bus
    it would be great if we could all be there together next year between 1200h and 1500h so we can celebrate the life and legacy of the great Bon Scott.
    See you next year!
    RIP Bon

  3. I too went to 67 overhill road on the 30th anniversary of Bons death about 7pm not a soul (well one one ) there slightly dissapointed but did see the someone had scraped AC/DC on the kerb so someone else did give a shit too! Left my memorial poster there hope people stopped to read it and pay their respects too.
    Rock in peace Bon.

  4. Neville – email me the photos and I’ll paste them up for you! lucas[at]bonscottblog[dot]com — looking forward to seeing your memorial poster.

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