Eyeline Review of Bon Scott Project

Darren Jorgensen has written a review of last year’s Bon Scott Project exhibition at Fremantle Arts Centre. Here’s a snippet:

The respectful air of AC/DC fans who were streaming through the Fremantle Arts Centre testifies to a show that endeared itself to the spirit and not the surfaces of rock-and-roll. This was also Bon’s distinctive contribution to the 1970s, to produce something real in the face of disco and glam, to ‘give the public what they want’, in his own words. Such a real and lived quality is not so far from the best of visual art, which also speaks with heart. This show’s interest lies in the correspondences that it creates between music, culture and art, raising questions about what it is that speaks to us through all of them.

I’ve uploaded the full review in PDF form here. (From page 63 of Eyeline Magazine, issue #67, Jan-Feb 2009)

2 thoughts on “Eyeline Review of Bon Scott Project”

  1. hello lucas wanted to ask a question if you know something about a movie on the life of sin mas bon scott thank you very much. Pablo

  2. hi pablo

    sorry for the late reply- the only info I have on the movie is this which basically just says that “Film-maker Eddie Martin is working on a movie about AC/DC legend Bon Scott. The yet-to-be titled movie is in its early stages.”

    That article was from December 2008. Any more I find out I will pass on!

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