Real Weird Science

biology LED sign

biology LED sign part two

In the middle of the night, my phone buzzed and this message came through from Dublin:

My biology
teacher taught
us about you
instead of real
science. Then
again you are
real science, real

It was too long to fit on one LED sign, so we spread it over two signs! Niall from Dublin, if you’re out there, we’d love to hear more about that biology teacher of yours!

Sorry the sign’s a bit difficult to read, on account of the bright wintery Perth sun! But you get a bonus blue truck thrown in for good luck, I suppose…

2 thoughts on “Real Weird Science”

  1. That puts a new spin on Bon’s lyric “And all the other shit that ya teach to kids in school” from “Rock And Roll Singer.” I’m sure he never imagined that he’d be part of kids’ lessons one day. Or maybe he did!

  2. Forgot Bonny que pasa amigos en honor a lucas y a Bon sigamos en el post Abrazos desde ARGENTINA

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