Tattoos on Librarians

tatts on librarians
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Yesterday I got this great email and pic from the librarians at the Fremantle City Library… One thing is for sure, my rather stereotyped view of librarians has undergone a rapid transformation these past weeks…

Hi Lucas,

How’s it going? It’s Rachael here again, from Fremantle City Library.

We’re keeping the Bon Scott spirit going, and with that in mind when we got our hands on some of those tattoos (fake) from the Fremantle Arts Centre, one of our librarians suddenly had an idea!



7 thoughts on “Tattoos on Librarians”

  1. Rachael is brilliant! See, we don’t all wear cat-glasses, buns, thick stockings, and say Shhhh all the time. I’m jealous, I want one of those tattoos!

  2. “… my temperature is runnin’ HOT – oh I’ve been waitin’ all night for a bite….” Muy, muy, muy, bien, Pablo! You made my day with that clear and beautiful shot of my favorite Bonny tattoo!

  3. hey lucas… finally i’m reading the librarian entry, from the comfort of the bean bags at the freemantle arts centre! big waves and hellos from me n’jo over here. the friend i’m staying with in perth was telling me stories over breakfast about the first time he saw ac/dc – it was in new york in the seventies and all the americans wanted the ac/dc tshirt he was wearing. feels like the stories will keep flowing forever…

  4. Hi Jessie! Ah I wish you had taken a photo of yourself on the beanbag! I wonder how filthy the shagpile rug is now? He he.

    Yes, I think if I ever wanted to, I could buy a “round the world” ticket and stay with Bon fans wherever I go, warmly welcomed with a Jack Daniels and a tale…

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