Bon’s Letters a big hit…

letters crowd

More documentation from the Bon Scott Project Exhibition is still trickling through. Here are some great photos from the launch night showing the crowd fascinated with Bon’s letters. At one stage I noticed the door had to be shut, and people could come in only when someone else went out.

In the low light, I cranked up the shutter speed of my camera and tried to get a few close-ups of people engrossed in the letters. So here they are:

crowd engrossed by Bon Scott Letters

looking at bon's letters

bons letters

bon's letters

And here is Katie, the curator of the Bon Scott Letters Exhibition, chatting with a very excited James Young from Cherry Rock, who lent his collection of “Bon’s letters to Irene“.

katie and james young

At the launch, James told me he’d just flown in from Melbourne, but he’d still managed to squeeze in a visit to the bronze statue of Bon. While admitting that this was probably the most challenging piece of statuary to be undertaken in recent memory, James had a few observations to make about the work.

First, he thought that the artist Greg James had got Bon’s package “just right”. However, he was not impressed with three aspects of the statue: the hair (“it’s too much like a perm!”); the teeth (“too perfect, Bon’s were more crooked”) and the tattoos (“where were they? what was Bon without his tatts?”)…

Here are a few more photos of James, with Patrick Donovan from the Age: horsing around Fremantle; visiting Bon’s grave; and finding the glow in the dark apparition under the bridge…

(thanks to James, via Katie, for those pix!)

Oh, and if you go to the West online Bon Scott page, there’s a set of images from the launch of the exhibition (look under “Media Centre” for “Opening night of the Bon Scott Project”).

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  1. otra muestra mas de la pasion de la gente por las cartas de bon scott ahora lucas yo te pregunto algunas cosas como por ejemplo de anna baba tenes alguna foto o alguna carta y de los sobrinos directos de bon creo que son paul y daniel ?? hay algo bueno hermano gracias por tanto y perdon por tan poco abrazos desde argentina

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