A Bon Scott Blog Giveaway!

bon scott project cassette tape

This is the Bon Scott Project “cassette cover”. It’s basically a jazzed-up exhibition invitation card.

Here are a few pictures of the insert once you fold it out (click on ’em to see bigger):

bon scott project cassette insert black side

bon scott project cassette insert white side
[Kudos to James and Robyn from the Fremantle Arts Centre for the design work…]

If you’re lucky, you might have received one of these handsome fellows in the post courtesy of the Fremantle Arts Centre (if not, it might still be wending it’s way through your country’s undoubtedly ancient mail distribution system).

Sad to say, these collectable little beauties have run out now, so there’s not really any point emailing me to ask for more. Sorry ’bout that folks!

However, if you HAVE received one, here’s your chance to get a bonus limited edition CUSTOM DUBBED CASSETTE TAPE to whack inside your case! (For there is nothing more tragic than a case without a tape).

Yes, that’s right, I’m producing a small run of Bon-Scott-Blog Old-Skool-Mix-Tapes™!

The tape features songs which either :

(a). inspired Bon; or
(b). were inspired by Bon.

And the song selection is based on some not very thorough research I’ve done in the last few months… In mix-tape tradition, the contents will remain a mystery until it arrives in the post!

(The dubbing process takes a while – and believe me, it aint easy to find blank tapes in the shops any more. So while the tapes are laboriously spooling away, I’m still open to suggestions – any particular songs you reckon should be included on my Bon Scott Influences/Influenced Mix Tape?)

Here’s the deal:

I’ll send you a mix-tape, in exchange for a photo YOU take of YOURSELF with the Bon Scott Project cassette case you just received in the mail!

(Or if you were unfortunate enough to miss out on getting one of these cassette cases, don’t despair! Be inventive… take some equivalent shot. I dunno, something which shows that its really you, that you dig Bon, and which also includes some reference to the place where you come from. Preference will be given to pictures which are amusing/saucy/poignant etc…)

How does that all sound?

Email me your entries (jpg or whatever) together with your postal address, and I’ll get a tape out to ya!


Or – if you don’t have a digital camera, you can post your old-skool photo (or better still, a mix-tape of your design!) to –

The Bon Scott Blogger’s Mix Tape Extravaganza
c/- Fremantle Arts Centre
PO Box 891
Western Australia 6959

Remember there won’t be many of these issued, get in quick!

7 thoughts on “A Bon Scott Blog Giveaway!”

  1. Beautiful flyer, though it must be said it was a bit disappointing there was no tape inside. Very excited about your offer. May i suggest that you simply have to put Bonde Do Role’s acca dacca “mash-up” on there, purely because it rankles with so many AC/DC fans. It can be heard online here:


    yeah, i know You Shook Me is not strictly Bon era, but it is on Back In Black, and if you lean towards the “Bon wrote that album” theory, Bob’s Your Uncle, it’s in!

    Oh and stick some Hayseed Dixie on there too!

  2. First cabs off the rank are Justin and Lyss, of Cottesloe, Western Australia, who sent this great pic:

    justin with tape!
    and this message:

    mix tape yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!

    Thanks guys, I’ll send you out a mixtape soon!

  3. Jo sent in this message, and the terrific photos below! Mix tapes all round guys!! (Good onya kids…Ned, I know JUST how you feel…Jess, wish I could be as cool as you.)

    Dear Lucas
    I received a cassette box in the mail- thanks! I immediately rang my brother who lives in Baldivis and who is a die hard Bon Scott fan to invite him to come with me to the Fri night gig. Anyway he will be there! and he doesn’t go to many art functions I can assure you. On Mothers Day his two kids demanded that they would take a better photo than me or their Dad channelling Bon Scott in an effort to win a cassette. So I enclose two images: of 13 yr old Jessie and 9 yr old Ned Darbyshire doing their best (and they styled themselves!) to impress you. Dont forget they have grown up listening to Bon just about every day! hope you like them, cheers Jo

    ned the nerd
    [Ned the nerd…]

    jess channelling bon
    [Jess Swings like Bon…]

  4. hola lukas como podemos hacer para que me envies un casette a ARGENTINA y un tiket para poder tenerlo entre mis pertenencias mas preciadas desde ya muchas gracias pero realmente seria algo unico por aca contar con tan valioso material desde ya muchas gracias

  5. Hello hello Luce SOY Pablo de Argentina y me gustaria fart IF I could send one entry and a cassette how we can do for my series of many importance to have similar treasures now thank you very much

  6. jennifer with mix tape

    Hey Lucas. Ive attched my photo with Bon as my screen saver at work and my invite in my hands! PLease send me a tape when you have done them. He is, still the most amazing person I never got to meet, but gee i still feel like i know him!!

    Let there be rock!
    Jen xxx

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