Bon Bon Media Frenzy!

An article has come out in an Australian art magazine about the Bon Scott Project, which describes my blog pretty well, I reckon:

One strand of that conversation has been realised in artist Lucas Ihlein’s popular Bon Scott Blog. Ihlein writes in his introduction, “Lucas was not a fan of AC/DC. You can read about his process of immersion! He is meeting fans, visiting cemeteries, chasing up Bon’s old friends and lovers, attending concerts, and listening to a lot of heavy rock. It’s a fascinating read. A good starting point is Ihlein’s account of his visit to the Fremantle Cemetery where there’s a humble memorial plaque for Scott, a missing heritage plaque and a steady flow of intriguing pilgrims, including Ben Scott, the alleged love child of the singer. The responses to this entry reveal the wide range of people The Bon Scott Project is engaging.

The article also describes some of the artworks which will be in the Bon Scott Exhibition in May. And there is a photo of me with the statue – that photo was taken by Perth superfan Simmo! You can read the whole article in Realtime Magazine here.

Also, thanks to this article in, I’ve had a spike in visitors to the site in the last week. The Undercover story was mirrored all over the place, notably in Sleaze Roxx, the Ultimate AC/DC Blog, Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles,, and of course our good friends over at AC/DC News.

There’s also this nice snippet at The Idolator, about the Bon Scott Letters Exhibition… It stands out from the crowd, basically because rather than just reprinting a media release, the writer has composed her own article (radical eh!!).

Who would have thought, back in January, when I declared my complete ignorance of all things Bon Scott, that in just a few short months my lil blog would “hit the bigtime” in this way? I tells ya, it’s an honour, folks!

Also notable this week was an upsurge in international visitors. I’m not usually a big fan of stats. I prefer “real” conversations (I really appreciate the time you take, dear readers, to chime in with comments and suggestions and corrections). But in the case of Bon Scott, some numerical navel gazing has been worth it, partly because the great man’s fans are scattered across the globe.

Check out this map of recent visitors to the blog:

bon scott blog visitors distro
[click on the image to see it bigger…]

So… what can ya get from such a map? Lets see… North America is aware that the Bon Scott Blog exists (hello Eryn from Waukegan, Illinois!); Spain and France are madly gobbling up the site using google translator; and someone in good ole New Zealand is tuning in from time to time.

A smattering of Chileans and Argentinians (notably, Pablo and Juan, who have been nice enough to write in the guest book) are following my progress. And of course, there’s always the trusty and regular Aussie readership.

But all is quiet in the rest of the world. Russia? Africa? China? Canada? Greenland?? Where are you?

10 thoughts on “Bon Bon Media Frenzy!”

  1. Yes hits from all those exotic places would be nice but I’m wondering why there are no hits from Tassie? Is it too dark wet and gothic down there for Acca Dacca? Too warm and mellow up North? I thought Darwin’s energy might have been open to the wild Bon.

  2. Birdmonkey: Re Tasmanian connections…

    well, Volker is from Tassie. He’s such a big AC/DC fan I’d be surprised if he didn’t check in here from time to time. And then of course there’s the larger than life Taswegian Rosie, made famous by Bon’s song “A Whole Lotta Rosie“… but I don’t think anyone knows where she is these days…

    I should also direct your attention, gentle geeky readers, to this page, which basically says you can’t trust them web stats. So let us appreciate the visitor map as a pretty piece of seductive graphics and not much more…

  3. [Click on pic above for bigger size]

    Well, still no-one from the Top End, but the most recent visitor map shows a new fan from Tassie! (Not to mention visits from China and Alaska!)

  4. thanks C. “Cool” Wray
    can you expand on how you got your charisma from bon, and how you managed to hone such an amazing bon scott voice!! tell me more!

  5. I’ll tell you about it step by step. I had known a lot of AC/DC songs before like Highway to Hell and so on, but I didn’t learn to sing like Bon until 3 years ago. The local rock station started playing TNT it seemed every time I listened. For some reason I was drawn to it, and eventually learned the words. I got the song and tried to sing it over and over until I got as close as I could. Then I recorded myself with a tape recorder so I could hear what I sounded like. I made changes to my voice until it sounded as close as possible to Bon’s voice. Then I got all of his other songs to keep practicing as well as any singer that sounded similar like Alex Harvey. Then I figured now Bon and I have something in common, so I learned about him. I watched the documentaries and all that. I realized from the interviews and his songs that we have the same sense of humor, and overall demeanor. Now I sometimes use his voice when I joking to add a certain amount of humor to those who don’t expect it.


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