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billie weston pool hall fans
[Ardent fans pose for a photo by Bec Dagnell in the Billie Weston Pool Hall, Scarborough Beach, WA…]

Word just in… tomorrow morning (Tuesday the 11th of March) I’ll be speaking on the JJJ breakfast show about the life and legacy of Bon, his bronze statue, and my own “relationship” with Bon.

Rumour has it that the Mayor of Fremantle Himself will also be shooting the breeze with Robbie, Marieke & The Doctor.

It should all happen at 8:30am or thereabouts.

Should you perchance listen in and then come over to this humble blog to pay me a visit – you might be able to participate!

I am looking to meet up with Bon Scott fans in the greater Sydney area (which is where I will be blogging from now until the middle of April).

Crazy collectors? Shrine in the shed? Tribute bands playing only 1974-80 Acca Dacca? Long lost love child?…

Get in touch and be featured in the blog!


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you can listen to the interview online here (7 minutes, 6mb, mp3 file). Thanks Josh for taping it! There’s a brief description of the interview in this comment below. I didn’t get to say as much as I would have liked about Bon and me, but that’s breakfast radio for you I guess. Big on high paced laffs and short on thoughtful pauses!

4 thoughts on “Bon Radio Shenanigans…”

  1. Thanks S! Yep, I’ve got the AC/3P album! I like that existential robot version of Who Made Who, too! Sort of sad, I thought, although I’m not really sure what makes me feel that.

    Actually, some time back I went on radio 2ser here in Sydney to talk about the project. The DJ, Ellice, asked me to bring in an acca dacca track to play. I was due at the station at half four and so naturally found myself scratching around my kitchen at 4:10pm trying to locate my copy of AC/DC’s album TNT.

    I couldn’t find it, it had been tidied away somewhere, but in my pile of CDs was AC/3P’s electro-cover album Watch Me Explode. So I took that in instead, and we played AC/3P’s version of TNT on the radio. It lacks the body-rocking infectious gusto of the original, but this is understandable, since an electro cover is bound to be “cooler” (as in “less raw”) than a heavy rock track from 1975.

    However, the song is quite hilarious. It sounds like a Kraftwerkish singer on the mike, whining “T-N-T, I’m dynamite!” (which he evidently isn’t)… and “T-N-T, I’ll win the fight!” (which he clearly wouldn’t). I’d like to know more about the behind the scenes to AC/3P…

  2. Speaking of the radio, my brother taped the JJJ interview onto cassette (!) and then re-digitised it for me. Thanks Josh! You can listen to it here (7 minutes, 6mb, mp3 file.)

    The JJJ piece involves Robbie, Marieke and The Doctor doing what seems like an inordinate amount of giggling, Beavis and Butthead style, about such things as Bon’s “package”.

    They asked me about my Bon or Bust proposition, to drive across the Nullabor with a fan. Of course I did in fact fail to find such a fan, but never mind… I spoke briefly about my visit to the cemetery on the anniversary of Bon’s death instead…

    Then they crossed live to Peter Tagliaferri, the Mayor of Freo and self-confessed AC/DC tragic, who spoke about the controversy surrounding the placement of the Bon statue, and the opposition by heritage lobby groups.

    (I have to clarify – contrary to what the radio hosts said on air, the bronze statue of Bon Scott, made by Greg James and his trusty gang, is in fact LIFE SIZE! Strange but true, Bon was a very small man!)

  3. (written in computer voice “Boing”)
    During the time of creation of the track ‘TNT’ by AC/3P Dsico was doing some great mash-ups. He invited people to submit tracks to his compilation titled ‘the ministry of shit‘. (A now famous and rare disc due to the fact that it was threatened to be banned by ‘the ministry of sound’ for the use of their logo on the cover). I wanted to do an aussie cover and found that TNT in electro sounded particularly crap. It became a hit and i convinced Dsico that a full album should be released. Initially i wanted to make a piss take, turn it around and twist the homo-phobic redneck attitudes into a high camp robot mardi gras. Imagine the hysteria i could cause if i announced AC/DC were actually gay. Which is not really that controversial when you look at the fact that Bon would dress up as a women on stage. During the recording of ‘Data Deeds’ i remember how my dad would play this album with his mates at weekend BBQ’s. It was at this moment that i realized that it was not my conscious decision to re-make this music – it was apart of me no matter what.

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