Going out Laughing…

lucas with angus guitar
[me with Wombat‘s Angus guitar…]

Loyal readers, I’m taking a few days break as I head back to good ole Sydney town.

I’ll be updating next Wednesday with the following exciting episodes:

*BRAINY Musos from Bridge Music take me through the musicological perspective: just why is AC/DC so damn catchy?;
*NOT-SURFIES, BOGANS from the Scarborough Beach crew pose with black candles at Billie Weston’s pool hall;
*DON’T MISS Stevo the mad collector from Gosnells, and his lovely wife Veronica;
*PLUS! I get the perspective of The Mayor Himself;
*AND I meet the descendent of an old old Freo family;
and last but not least:
*I go on a walk of Fremantle to see just how many damn bronze sculptures you’ve already got here (it’s a LOT!)

For all this and more, tune in next week to Bon Scott Blog.

In my absence, feel free to think up pithy slogans for the Big Red Electronic Signboard, or visit the guestbook

Thanks Freo, it’s been terrific. I’ve had a lotta laffs, I’ve met a lotta cool bogans, I’ve eaten my fair share of gelati…

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