A vigil at Bon’s Grave

Glenn at Bon Scott's Grave
[Glenn, a big fan of AC/DC, posing for me at Bon Scott’s grave.]

Phew, it’s midnight. Had a huge day today at Bon’s grave, anniversary of his death 28 years ago. Met lots of amazing people. Will write about them all tomorrow. In the meantime, check out more photos here.

3 thoughts on “A vigil at Bon’s Grave”

  1. Now that is a dedicated fan!!!

    Btw, thanks for the comment you left the other day about the NY Times piece. If ya have time, please check out my salute to Bon posted earlier today.

  2. Nice to meet you Lucas…..thanks for the information and keep up the good work.
    Look forward to following you through this Blog.
    Love the photo you took.

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